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  1. allow ghosthawks to go conq yea thats a good idea , shut it down dead server 

  2. @Headless should make the conquests a little bit early so EU people can play as well.

    1. Headless


      I understand but it was already 3:00pm when i made the post and we felt people needed time to move shit around. I promise i will try and do more at a more reasonable time for the Eu bois

    2. skroodZ


      ofc I understand I am not talking about this one just in genral if you make it a little bit early more people will be on

    3. Silton


      NA server? 

  3. I know , but still It`s aids they shouldnt come at all
  4. last cartel event cops pulled up to warzone with 2 ghosthawks so don`t tell civs can do retarded shit in events
  5. @Ryan still waiting for my mvp 

  6. that was a sick [email protected] do it every day 

    1. c0zza


      @Panda :) people that are at the rebel , not fighting caps should not get money ... they are getting money and not even fighting

    2. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      Yeah I'm aware skrood along with other people made money from abusing but it will be taken away 😄

    3. skroodZ


      @Panda :) only made 1.8mil go ahead and take it but next time make aspawn point on rebel so u dont have to tp

  7. took you guys a year to make a new update yikes
  8. hE iS a ScAmMeR DonT BuY fRoM hIm
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