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  1. Congrats on making history with us, Kevin!
  2. Hoping it was you Kevin, I feel it !
  3. Oh also since im permd now just want to wish you success with the News Team
  4. Its ok we are all legends now, we made history today and hopefully Kavalians will tell our tale for years to come!
  5. Cant top us right now lets see who comes forward and trys to beat us!
  6. Yeah reveal the truth I want to know who got that 300mil!
  7. Was working hard that day, put in some good hours, thanks
  8. Nice who got the 300mil?
  9. How much did I make?
  10. Not sure if you saw but jesse mentioned it in another post. Olympus is currently using 32 but but hey are in the process of getting things ready. He also mentioned that they don't want to rush into it. They want to make sure that Bohemia can work out the kinks before implementing.
  11. Congrats @Ramennoodles well deserved!