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  1. Evan C

    2 ghawks and corporal
  2. Evan C

    10m for at
  3. Evan C

    hbd thanks for the shekels
  4. Evan C

  5. Evan C

    Its not a staff run event therefore there wouldnt be any event disruption disciplinary action, however if you can manage to get a staff member to run it then it could be possible. Btw what happens to the rest of the leftover money?
  6. Evan C


    apd is not about money, its about ROLEPLAY
  7. Evan C

    sounds pretty epic
  8. when are you doing the cleanse
  9. Evan C

    o7, thanks for the good times on cop and teaching me the ropes. gl in the real world if it sucks come back to gamerland well welcome u
  10. Evan C

  11. Evan C

    pm me
  12. Evan C

  13. Evan C

    drop prices
  14. Evan C

    mY nAmE iS bEtTeR tHaN uRs just nut in it like the razer mouse and mechanical keyboard

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