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  1. best trump add ive ever seen!

  2. @Zahzi eta on the next megaquest?

    1. Zahzi


      People were upset with the state it was in, so not until we have time to make changes.

  3. i would vote yes on this, but this mudiwa kid is a really fun medic to play with. I love this content so much please make more.
  4. hbd @Rexo 🥳 





    can I get my payout? its been 3 months 😿

  5. have any of you apes taken the time to observe any candidates besides Trump and Biden? If you haven't already please consider checking out Hawkins 2020 campaign! #greenpartyontop
    1. Monks


      nahnahnah we came to an agreement that both our loves for the god are strong enough that we can share the pfp

    2. Mustache


      Who even is that ni

  6. @Headless Good shit nigga! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  7. offers start at 5mil https://gyazo.com/0e794e38ef9fd7c3051e2d9034e7a906
  8. best vigi on olympus man!! o7 skiptracer your house guide really helped me btw
  9. so u spam dislike me and do not tell me what i did to u so u basicly acting like a kid but if u so big and good what is your in game name and i show u something

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    2. Vigi easy money

      Vigi easy money

      people down vote you because all you do is post shit ideas

    3. xplayx14


      no? i stopped posting as u told me to now i only post stuff about buying and selling and making great deals but this guy stright up dislikes all my stuff even if it is good or bad 

    4. Dante


      Lmao y’all so sensitive 

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