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  1. Don't always believe what you hear, talked to him like twice and once was him shoveling the fact that hE wAs GeTtInG pArArEsCuE Little did he know
  2. Don't even know you but ok bud
  3. Dr Pepper


    SCP-3008 first and best I've read
  4. Congrats @Ruan! Welcome to the team!!

  5. Make sure you blackout tonight, its more fun that way
  6. giphy.gif

    Happy Birthday @ThatNerdyGuy from the man himself!

  7. Both are pretty decent, good shit
  8. Dr Pepper


    Yeah this def is a light RP server. But you should record anyways whether or not there is anything to report, sometimes you might see/do cool things you'll want to save. OBS Studio is a free program you can use to record and it is simple to use! 10/10 highly recommend
  9. Dr Pepper


    Welcome! Unfortunately some don't follow it, but if it ever happens to you you can submit a report to try to combat it. Support tab - New Request - Player Report Hope you keep having a good time!
  10. Happy Birthday @Jig! I hope you have a fun Sweet 16 planned 😉

  11. Kinda depends on what it's for. If its a ban appeal his best bet is just to wait in the ban center for him to get pulled. Messaging them might result in him waiting longer, having patience is key.
  12. Having the same space for school/work/games makes it waay too easy to pick what to do...and games will always win. In person all the way
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