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  1. Got a ham in the smoker right now. Didn’t even bother with turkey this year.
  2. Happy Birthday! for your 21st birthday shot take a cement mixer. and if you don't know what a cement mixer is its this -> (irish cream in one shot glass and lime juice in another and you gotta swish them in your mouth and swallow)
  3. What server and for how much-
  4. if you don't support pipelines your fucking gay
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cooodyy24/
  6. bring it to Warzone and let it rip on them Ifrits lmao.
  7. @communistjosh don’t quit your day time Job. <3
  8. I'm down for it. I play a lot of draftkings too so hmu if your interested.
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