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CheckUrLottery 6: The Return

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Rules remain the same except of the switch out and progressive...

Alright rebs, civs, medics, and cops... CheckUrFood here... and we're going to have a lottery.. with my IN GAME MONEY..

Rules and Formats are simple..
-Entering is free, but enter only once.
-Entering the same number as a previous player in any category is allowed, but be warned you split that prize pool

In the CINCO CINCO CINCO CINCO singles, you enter by typing CCCC: (the number you pick). 1-9 only
ex. CCCC: 3
Prize Pool: $5555

In the The Dirty D20, you enter by typing DD20: (the number you pick). 01-20 only
ex. DD20: 19
Prize Pool, $20,000

In the Powerball, you enter by typing PB: (the number you pick). 001-999
ex. PB: 777
Prize Pool: Moves to $1,000,000 because Mobundo won the guarenteed Million Sextravaganza

And lastly, the ONE 4 ALL Bonus play, you enter by typing: Gang: (your gang)
Prize Pool: $111,111 added to your gang funds
ex. Gang: Umbrella Corporation

So an example of the full ticket would look like:
 CCCC: 3
 DD20: 19
 PB: 777
 Gang: Umbrella Corporation

-https://www.random.org/ will be the lottery picker
-Winners will be announced on sunday afternoon or night central time zone in thread, and pm will be sent for cash out information.
- IMPORTANT RULE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER: Introducing the Lucky Dog Second Chance!!! For the CCCC and DD20, if no winner hits, the closest
without going over will have a chance to win half the money via a coin flip.
- Powerball not so much, but stays progressive.
- Also if you see me in the server, theres a chance I will offer you a real time small stakes lottery in game. I'll give you information when it happens.
Good luck, and as always, Check Ur Food N Water


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Cinco: 5, Winner: HAM, wins $5555
DD20: 6, Winner: None, and all were over so no Lucky Dog
PB:  891, Winner: NONE - Powerball rolls to 1.1mill
Gang: 1, Money And Power, wins $111,111

Congrats to the winners of this week. Owner of M&P please message me for details; Ham I'm PMing you now

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