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APD Handbook Update 5/22/2017

Guest G.O.A.T.

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Guest G.O.A.T.

The update comes into effect immediately.

Chapter XIII - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles

  1. APD Tools
    1. An officer’s most important tool is their voice.
    2. Weapons are to be carried in low-ready position when not engaged in a situation that warrants the use of the weapons.
    3. Smoke Grenades and flashbangs are to be used in tactical situations only.
    4. Officers must carry no less than 3 repair kits and 5 first aid kits at the beginning of their assignment.
    5. Spike strips are to be used on fleeing vehicles only.
    6. Bolt Cutters are ONLY to be used by Corporals+ when the owner of a house is NOT online. No exceptions.
    7. Defusal kits should be purchased when responding to a Federal Reserve robbery or jail breakout.
    8. GPS Trackers can be used anytime, anywhere, for anything.
    9. The SDAR can be used by POs+ without approval of a Sergeant as long as the suspect is in the water or there is no other way of dealing with him (I.E. on a roof, in a locked house with no Corporal+ online). In other words, use it as a last resort.
      1. In all other cases, a Sergeant will need to approve the use of an SDAR.
        1. This does not mean you will be able to store an SDAR in a backpack. After you have used the SDAR, seize it.
        2. Anyone found in violation of these regulations will be removed.
    10. APD Officers are only authorized to use equipment available to them at their rank in the APD Shop. The only exception is if the pre-requisites are met regarding a stolen ghosthawk that has used guns on the population of Altis. See Chapter XIV.
  2. Vehicles
    1. Police vehicles must be secured at all times. If an officer is expected to be away from their vehicle for a prolonged period of time, the vehicle should be impounded to prevent theft. This does not apply to active engagements or situations.
    2. Impounding any vehicle before a situation is resolved is prohibited.
    3. Lights and sirens are to be used only in performance of one’s duties as an officer.
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17 hours ago, Fedot said:

What if a suspect air drops onto a roof, can they immediately be lethal-ed  @Lethals Loaded @G.O.A.T.

Depends on the roof and situation. Like the lethal rule states if tazers are deemed inadequate then Lethal's are loaded. So if a tazer can not keep the person down long enough for a cop to get him then yes Lethal's are allowed. 

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