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Cartel | -1MAW- Vs. =BW=

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I like the idea of video, but imo you should cut it to shorter highlights of the fight(not only kills, how u flank and etc) and skip that fast forward run and maybe add like couple fights instead of 1 to make it good 2-3min video. dont listen most this people are noobs that play for 5k hrs and still noob level

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3 minutes ago, coopacarp said:

@Jessewe think before we post believe it or not, we just like too talk some shit every now and then. If you weren't so god damn whiney you wouldn't care just like the rest of us because we know it's just a game in the end and the shit talk doesn't really mean anything. Btw, you whine about "toxicity" but you are one of the most toxic people in the community... Sure we are making fun of the tage and what not but hey, instead of whining and nearly quitting like you did they are just taking it :D how about you threaten too quit while we continue trash talking and you actually quit? Not like you're much help anyway.


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