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Comp or ban isnt a rule but whats this

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Comp or ban is sort of a sportsmanship kind of thing, not something staff are obligated to follow. 

Back when I was staff I would not really eliminate a ban just because there was comp but more so look into the banned player's rap sheet and take it from there. 

This is something purely a discrete decision from staff. If someone broke a rule they will get punished. The comp or ban is said in game as a threat "comp me or I'll submit". You can comp the player at your own risk, doesn't mean you are Scott free. Again, this all depends on the rule that was broken and will undergo an investigation.

Hope this answers your "questions" 



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40 minutes ago, Soverign said:

is it safe that I before the gyazo looks iffy, think its a ip logger

You clearly have no understanding of how domains work. It is not an IP logger. Even if it was, what is someone going to do with a list of IPs? Means nothing if you don't know who they belong to.

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I like to think of it this way... we all have reputations on olympus. If someone takes comp and then still reports you, that person just put a stain on their reputation. Not only will they be less likely to ever receive comp in the future (as all other players will be wary), that person may also be more likely to get revenge reported on.

Remember, what goes around comes around. If you want to take comp and submit on someone, don't be surprised if that ends up happening to you in the future.

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