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Locked The Big Update & Wipe

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Today at 5ish pm eastern time will be the release of our biggest update yet, below are most of the changes we've been working on for the last month+.


Dev server name: O_dev_server
Dev server IP:
Port: 2302

Some of the more notable features added are

-Cartels that your gang can capture that provide perks

-All map locations moved around and re-balanced

-Economy re-balance price, weight, vehicle trunks, etc all balanced.

-Fixed issues where you could own a house that someone else owns, as well as other house bugs

-Fixed various exploits that could be abused for money

-Event menu for admins that allows for easy creation of events

-Alphabetical lists (finally)

-Anti combat logging mechanic (read below)

-Added a usable item that allows sling loading cars

-Hunting zones

-Titans are back, and they now sync.

Here's the complete list of changes that have been made:
(may be easiest to read from bottom up since those were the first changes made)

-Titans added back

-When you get hit by a titan an announcement is sent out to the server telling you who shot the rocket

-Titans should no longer 1 hit vehicles

-If you're hit by a titan, you'll lose 87.5% of your fuel and maybe get a fuel leak, so you'll probably need to land

-Titans now sync on your player

-Added money skin for the top 20 richest before the wipe

-Cops now get at the very least a po7 when they join.

-If you can't afford to be revived the request button is disabled

-Added multiple hunting zones and decreased radius

-Fixed hooks and slings showing as true in markets

-When sent to jail, if you can afford to you pay 20% of what your bounty was

-Added police hummingbird back

-Can now gut snakes

-Money earned from cartels reduced from 20 to 10%

-Jail times were corrected since they were based on the bounty prices which were changed

-Much more efficient format for syncing y-items (much less data sent to and from server)

-More efficient format for syncing magazines

-The # of bullets in a magazine now syncs for players and house crates

-You no longer potentially get a free mag if you leave and come back

-Arma automatically loads your fullest clip in your gun when you join

-Fix gang notifications for territory capture alerts

-Added failsafe for capturing/contesting territories

-You can now use any atm on the map, even ones without the scroll wheel option with the action key

-Fixed bug where cop vehicles would not have lights when pulled from garage

-Fixed potential exploit to buy houses for free

-Added a slight randomized delay to picking up items/money if another player is nearby to prevent an exploit

-Added snakes to the list of animals you can hunt

-Added a raw and processed version for each animal meat (no way to process as of now)

-Added new vehicles that can transport oil (zamak fuel, tempest fuel, hemmt fuel, taru fuel)

-Fuel vehicles that have multiple skins now let you pick which skin you want (default fuel truck and zamak)

-Fixed glitch with reviving someone who never had a primary weapon

-Updated withdrawing from gang bank to hopefully prevent false positives for hacked money

-Updated all skins with the newest versions, added admin huron skin

-Medic hemmt can tow more vehicles, including humminbirds

-Modified the way cops earn money (all needs testing, cant test solo)

-Get 100% of ticket value

-Get 20% of the bounty for arresting someone

-Get a maximum of 25k for killing someone

Explanation: With reduced crime prices, bounties will be lower allowing people to pay their ticket without breaking the bank, and since you will pay a 20% fine when you get sent to jail + serve time, you might prefer to just pay the ticket to save time. No money is generated out of thin air and added into circulation like the old system, now with cops its all money being transferred from one person to another.

-All crimes are now half their previous value(this modifier can be changed very easily and will be adjusted if necesarry)

-Medics can now enter their own vehicles even if they're locked, just like cops. They cannot enter anyone elses vehicles unless it's unlocked.

-Certain vendors with both vehicle and heli garages now have the proper name for each one

-Garage added to truck shops

-Fixed vest purchasing exploit

-Storage cost for trunk upgrade reduced to 12.5% of the vehicles base price per level (was 20%)

-Respawn screen now shows you the name and distance of the nearest medic, if one is online (updates every 1 second so you can tell when they're coming).

-Can no longer chop medic vehicles

-Can no longer tow/sling load house crates

-Fixed issue with vehicle skinning

-Hunting added, goto the hunting zone, kill animal, gut it with action key (will be expanded on, radius will probably be reduced and multiple zones added)

-Animations for actions updated to further prevent action spam but still allow you to move

-Fixed issue with territory capture data not staying persistent across restarts

-Respawn button now has a 10 second timer on it like the abort button

-Most buttons that had the 1 second of disable added to them now only disable the button for 0.25 to 0.5 seconds

-Fixed additional time being added for clicking request medic

-If a vehicle has no skins the skin selection box will be hidden in mod shop

-Mushrooms added to illegal item list

-Other backend changes

-Certain buttons are now disabled for 1 second after you press them to prevent spam clicking which can in some cases be used to exploit.

-Market fix to prevent a drop in server performance when items are sold very quickly

-More checks added to placing storage crates to prevent odd placements

-Added gang-wide announcements when a cartel you own is getting captured, every 5 minutes an alert will be sent, unless it's contested.

-Meth damage reduction change from 80% less damage to 60% less damage

-Fix for vehicle skins at mod shop

-Fixed items selling for 0

-Updated vehicle prices, trunk weights, item weights, item prices, etc. to new values(nothings permanent, values will be change where needed).

-Market min and max values are now percentage based, either 30% more or less then the items base price.

-Added taru skin for RnR

-Added box truck for RnR

-Added news truck boxer and hummingbird (only available to admins atm)

- players who are tazed and combat log should now also spawn a skeleton

- Hooks and Sling item added, use it on an unlocked car to enable sling loading (rebel outpost and medic shop)

- Semi-fix for animation spazzing out during actions

- When you request a medic your respawn button is disabled for an additional 7.5 minutes

- The "Nearby Medics" Is now accurate, if it says yes, a medic is within 120 meters of you.

- Rework of food, water, and drug use system.

- food and water should go down a little faster, and food/beverages don't replenish as much.

- Things like redgull give you a burst of energy to run fast for 3 minutes, but after the 3 minutes the sugar high wears off and you lose some thirst

- Drug visual effects re-worked, all should be 3-5ish minutes

- You can now overdose on drugs, the amount of drugs it takes to overdose is random, and some drugs will increase your chance of OD more

- While on crystalmeth you take 80% less damage

- While on cocaine you can run forever

- Fixed an issue with tazers tazing too quickly (was tazing probably 2x as fast as it should have)

- If someone shoots an already tazed body nothing should happen

- When revived you now get your primary weapon and all attachments back, as well as keep your uniform

- Vehicle storage upgrades are now based on 5% of that vehicles base trunk capacity. So a tier 4 storage capacity vehicle will give you 20% extra space.

- Upgrade costs are all based on a percentage of that vehicles base cost, so each storage upgrade costs around 10% of the base price of that vehicle.

- I chose not to add the ability for civilians to restrain someone who is tazed, as a civilian you typically should not have access to tazers anyways, this is an ability for cops and vigis only.

- Anti combat logging mechanic

- If a restrained player disconnects a skeleton spawns at there last location, this skeleton will de-spawn after 45 seconds

- If any player presses action key on the skeleton, it will make it so that the combat logger is sent to jail upon re-joining any of the servers

- Disabled reloading while restrained

- Made no-side chat remove side chat almost instantly

- Lockpicks added to illegal items

- Illegal items found on players should be worth their current market value now when searched by cops

- More anti VON on side chat measures

- Recode of the vehicle information fetching

- All vehicles, their skins, weight, price, everything is all in one master config file instead of 5ish different files like before

- Functionaly was also added that allows for special skins to be given to only certain players

- Remake of escort

- Added air and truck mod shops

- Added support for new vigi jail transports

- Updated jail position

- Disabled vdm once again

- Players who are being escorted no longer take damage, they're also dragged on the ground so they can't be used as meat shields

- Civs can now use shift - r to restrain, this still requires a gun out, zip ties, and for the target to surrender

- When restrained, you un-surrender so you no longer show the wrong animation with your hands on your head

- Other security junk

- Most lists should now be sorted alphabetically, wanted list, phone, atm transfer, etc

- Vehicles spawned for events or by an admin can no longer be chopped

- Updated spyglass

- Fixed black store icons

- More things are disabled while restrained, like sitting, throwing grenades, etc.

- Added another check to prevent talking on side, although this check won't work 100% of the time, so the old system is still in place, which was also modified(removes side chat instead of kicking player)

- The bottom island of the map that was no longer in use, is now a war zone with many drug cartels

- You capture a cartel by standing near it, within 50ish meters.

- 1 player capturing will take 15 minutes to take ownership away from other gang, and then 15 minutes to claim ownership

- By having more players nearby, up to 3 maximum, the time to capture is decreased to 10 and 10 minutes.

- If you have a territory captured over 75% then your gang will receive 20% of money from players selling that drug

- If you don't own the cartel for the drug you're selling you receive 20% less money from selling, this 20% fee goes to the owner of the cartels gang bank

- Cartels are persistent, all ownership, captured percentage, and what not come back after restart.

- Cartels are per-server. So if you own weed cartel on server 3, you don't own it on server 1.

- Pygros HQ relocated into town

- Sofia HQ relocated and converted into Highway Patrol/Checkpoint

- Air HQ relocated

- AAC HQ setup as official training facility for APD

- All APD HQ's have full access to all vendors

- Kavala/Pygros checkpoints redesigned as checkpoints ONLY (no more vendors)

- Gunshops moved to nearest small town instead of being located in the main cities

- Prison relocated (will code in a system to "work" while in prison to reduce jail time)

- Truck Service Stations added (needs to be coded) will be in next release candidate

- Added air service stations to other airports (needs to be coded) will be in next release candidate

- Added vigilante shops and jail transport in Athira/Sofia (needs to be coded) will be in next release candidate

- Warzone added to south island

-Players side chat is removed upon spamming instead of kicking player.

-Event menu added for admins

-Currently available events are race and demolition derby

-Depending on the type of event a list of actions are displayed that allow the admin to create events quicker and better

-Fixed exploit where you could scroll wheel and take a dead players gun

-Custom player tag for those in the event

-Players in the event are not wanted when they kill someone

-Redid skin texturing to hopefully make it more reliably

-If a item is taken from a crate via scroll wheel it now syncs that crate

-Possible bounty fix so vigis can arrest newly joined players

-Fixed issue where you would be able to pull out an already in use vehicle if another server restarted after you pulled it out

-Checks database if someone already owns the selected properties location, if they do it will not allow you to purchase house. Should prevent buying already bought houses.

-Added random sleep delays to buying/selling houses and withdrawing gang funds to prevent any glitches/exploits

-Limit # of properties queried to 5 to prevent players from owning more than 5 houses in glitched scenarios

-Fixed server restart messages so multiple do not show at the same time.

-Modified the way gang bank transactions work to hopefully prevent false money hack detections

-Fixed trunk exploit where multiple players can open same trunk to dupe items.

-Houses no longer contain crate data

-Containers get their own table, completely separate from house saving

-Containers sync data individually

-Containers can be placed in any property you own

-Each house you buy adds to the maximum amount of containers you can place

Example: You can have 10 containers in a garage, but only if you own enough houses to give you a maximum of 10 crates

-Fixed looting dead players/create glitching

-You can no longer drop items near crates, this is to prevent another exploit where you can get inside of them

-Fixed exploit where multiple people can open a virtual inventory at the same time and dupe

-All properties have a virtual inventory of 100 by default.

-Houses virtual inventory can now be upgraded

-Containers no longer contribute to your houses maximum virtual inventory

-Storage Crates are now manually placed, you select the exact location you want it in, as long as it is inside of a property you own

-Retrieving vehicles from player owned garages is free

-other stuff too that i might of missed idk, been working on this for like 13+hours straight

-Also potentially fixed the dupe method where you drop items then disconnect and have them when you come back

- All gathering locations (legal and illegal) have been moved to areas that make a little more sense (scenery-wise).

- All processing locations (legal and illegal) now have items that the players interact with directly to

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Just log on the damn servers and have some fun.



Let's just say it's going to feel like an all new altis life. I just hope it doesn't impact performance :/


If performance is effected they need to turn on server 3 to balance it out till its resolved. I hope performance is all good though.

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Wait disabled VDM? SO like if someone ran me over i dont die i just stand there and it goes through me like a ghost?





as demonstrated by desyncd fugi on that random day we had the new map months ago

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Just log on the damn servers and have some fun.




If performance is effected they need to turn on server 3 to balance it out till its resolved. I hope performance is all good though.


is server 3 down? it wont come up in my sever list

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