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FluffyWolf GoodBye

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Title says it all i will no longer be playing the olympus altis life servers and will no longer be a cop. I have lots of things i am doing IRL and need to focus on that and move on. Olympus has been my home for the past 9 months and i loved every moment of it. Would like to say a special thanks to Ace for things he has done that have made my time here enjoyable. You might still see me over on the wasteland every now and again but will get less and less as time goes on. Love you all and game on friends!



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You will be missed Fluffy :(


And don't worry, i will keep our legacy moving and stay loyal to the FLUFFY cause <3 


it was fun while it lasted, and i hope you will return someday <3 

Ah! I got confused. FluffyTeddy it was you who I played with last night right? 

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