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Hello, im bojo, and i just reached 1000 posts on the forums!
My time here on the forums have been the very best. Ive spammed, ive trolled, ive harassed, but most of all, ive had fun. this Community has helped me so much in my everyday life. It's been a pleasure to take a part of such a great community. Ive had my troubles in life but it's great to be able to come here to the forums and just be whoever the fuck I want to be basically. I post what I feel like (most of the time) and get the reactions I get. I might not be the most active person in the game, but for that I have a good reason,I'm in a part of my life where I'm debating if I should go on or if i should quit, ive recently lost 2 dogs and a friend of mine, and that impacts me a lot. I'm not the person that's able to comprehend with loss. it impacts me ALOT, like really, ALOT. and that's why I'minstead of playing a video game, sitting on my couch watching the Simpsons thinking about life. god bless em!
its with a great honor i can say that ive been with Olympus since day 1, its me a pleasure to see that i have not been treated differently in anyway for being a tier5 and being a dedicated fucknugget. its me a pleasure to get banned because it makes me realize my faults. its me a pleasure to get to know all of you nobheads.
in the olympus community we have alot of people to thank for its succes, people like Warfare, Jendrak, Plzeidon, Hades, Ares, Plzeidon (yes, he gets nominated twice), Wheatkings, GrandaGary, D3V1L, Odin (Rip JohnMcClane), HamOnBooze (hamofmoose<3). they have been here for along time, trolling us, helping us, annoying us, and making us a brilliant place that we call home.
its been a pleasure boys and girls, and im not quitting now, il stay here til the day i get blocked from the forums! (jk, il make a new profile)
And i have to add, my biggest pleasure was chopping D3V1L's Hemmt Box when he was new to the server <3
Love you all people, you are all amazing.
Best regards and ALOT of hugs
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Ummm seems there was a mistake Bojo, something went wrong in the database...



Just incase u dont wanna check out the link...



Noticed that before I seen that post actually haha,


and Fak u bojo, I actually looked, and me and Warfare have like 80 Player ID difference.

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i swear to god, you better change that fuckinng thing right fucking back now, im possed, you absolute troll. i worked hard for this shit


Noticed that before I seen that post actually haha,


and Fak u bojo, I actually looked, and me and Warfare have like 80 Player ID difference.

Not good enough! :3

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Sry Bojo your post count is correct as of this posting.

you better be sorry, i didnt sleep tonight simply crying over the fact my post count was basically wiped off the earth :(


i want comp! :(

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