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Anyone seen Wavious around lately? Got a donation charge back issue from my stream and dealing with my impending divorce, this is not helpful at all.



wow what a little glory whore. how much did he charge back? if its not too much i can help you out man

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You'll not be seeing him for a while. He committed grand larceny and embezzlement. I think it was to the tune of $1000 or more with his aunt's credit card. His parents found out, so he's gone for good. They probably sold his computers. If he "donated" to anyone else, then they should be prepared to experience the same debacle as Jendrak. Sorry, Jen. You're up the river as far as I can tell.

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Wow that little turd. Hate people like that. He charged back $100 and with the paypal fee I am negative $120 in my account now. Well it is my wife's account now, which is not helping tensions at the moment.

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