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What are your ideas on how to bring new players in?

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Personally I always love seeing new players; I notice that alot of the players that have been playing have been here for years. Which means we arent exactly bringing new people in; but we are keeping them. What do you think could bring new players to the server? Do you want more players to be coming in or not?

I think that more players makes the game more fun; makes the game fresh with new faces and leads to more server health because you could play on server 1-2 and not feel much of a difference. 

I think that there needs to be maybe more players making community outreach like youtube videos or meeting people on other servers and introducing them. I think that also maybe more guide videos could help; for example a guide video on some of the rules that players need to follow rather then asking them to read the actual rules on the site! 

Just some fruit for thought; wanted yalls opinions.

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as said above sadly it dosent have the same outreach that it did 3 years ago and especcially not compared to 2015-2016. Its an old game. Its nice to think that wel be able to bring in more players but my personal opinion, the majority of people see this game as a military simulator and this is such a small part of a slowly decreasing population of a game. Some people dont get to see this community hidden by behind the curtains of content creators like operatordrewski or nano who show the game in a completely different way (closer to how the game was intended to be played). Its also a nice thought to be able to be able to make content out of the situations that we run into but none of it is even really roleplay anymore. Its all gunplay and shenanigans witch is great but wont serve well to an audience who doesn't understand anything about the server.  All in all, more players would be great, but new players arent exactly treated with respect as a new guest should, there treated as just another player to be robbed or murdered and get on with their game play when in reality could make or break their opinion of the server and weather or not to recommend it to their friends. This is turning out to be a longer post than what i thought but teaching new players and catching them up to speed on metas and common tactics is more work than reward at this point for players on the server.

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5 hours ago, Zachory Pond/Staceyjsa said:

Content creation and scripted content creation. Also: A lot more Roleplay. There is a reason why the only Arma 3/DayZ youtubers that did really well all had scripted content. That would bring A LOT. If there was a new Media team it could really help if it is used properly. Kind of like a Movie team in other words.

There used to be a “news” team. Multiple times actually. Nothing ever came out of it. In theory it was great but they botched it. 

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The huge update that just rolled out has to be bringing in alot of money for the sever already. Monthly subscriptions are proven to work well as displayed in all corners of media for more than a decade now. I know that skins arent the end all be all of update content but its definitly something that people have been, and will continue to be excited for. A media team with editing knowledge and someone to guide them on topics to focus on. Mainly probably different runs, how the market works, and how cartels work just to name a few. Could be something that the newer people in the community could really benefit off of sense all of that information is usually something that has to be explained over and over to new people. I feel like new players are taught runs to be the only way to make money when really, People that come from FPS games would definitely benefit more with being taught how cartels work and how much money they really make over a period of time.

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As much as I hate to say it, yea silla does harm new players, but when we all think about it when we started playing the same thing happened to us with a different game. New players come and go the ones who find their calling stay. Just the way life goes.

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"Ban Silla"  "Silla harms new players" 

I hate the even comment on this subject again because in March we got shit on sooo much but I have to defend us:

We help so many new people. I have had people and even staff members literally bring me new players and we recruit them, help them,  show them arma, etc but no one talks about that.... Being one of the current biggest gangs in the most popular city,  of course you people are going to blame silla because you only want to see the bad and not the good that comes out of the gang. We have so many positives and some negatives that we need to work on. 

Depending on the person, almost always we welcome people into the gang or to do something with us like a BW or fed, etc. ( if they are trusting lol ) Crazy thing is, other day we had a new recruit literally win a zafir after being in Silla for like 1 day lmao. But it’s okay though, we are a fair and welcoming gang and always has been so ....if you are a cool person and looking for people to play with, Silla most likely welcomes you. 



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