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for gamers? why

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Of all the time I have been on Olympus and all the times I have read that phrase never once has anything Muslim ever related to it ever.  i'm sure if you olook hard enough thoiugh you could associate anything with anything.  


Whatever floats your boat I guess.  Can confirm though POSeidon is not a Muslim.

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Its ok y'all, the viking mythology staff is here to add more confusion.  B)


On a serious note, simply refers to a central location where people gather, per the definition Devil provided us. While it also refers to a specific location, you have to look at a work from all definitions.


Think about Buffalo, New York. No one has ever thought "Who marks on a map where there's a Buffalo?"

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What do you mean viking mythology?, the only mythological feeling you put off John is how hot your daughter was in Live free or Die Hard. 


What are you even talking about?

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