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Proof OS is Biased / Free Big John #BiG jOhN dInDu NuFfIn

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I was so ecstatic to see my guy Big John on that boat and just had to clip it! He is my favorite ATer and I was so amazed to see him. I can't wait to use his AT on cap some day! I can't believe staff would turn my Beautiful clips into a shit post on my Favorite Ifrit Driver. 






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6 hours ago, Masoooooooooon said:

Ok guys enough is enough John is here to save Olympus and this is the abuse you are giving him?

He is as great as our immortal chairman Mao. I propose we give him the 七一勋章 for his outstanding contributions!

49 minutes ago, Big John1 said:

retard alert



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5 hours ago, Big John1 said:

My social credit score is at 4000 john cena's rn it officially has reached god tier level and i have been immortalized in Chinese stone.

I can call people whatever I want, commie faggot.

:feelsweirdman:grown man feelings hurt over a mil sim game sad life 

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On 10/28/2021 at 10:42 AM, Skys said:

put over 40 hours a week into olympus don't think you can call people virgins 

yo skys what is this I found on your games LOL.JPG.74fb3b369b5bd0ad86a8c36fcba7c0fb.JPG     🤨 LMAOOO

4 minutes ago, 1emplar said:

yo skys what is this I found on your games LOL.JPG.74fb3b369b5bd0ad86a8c36fcba7c0fb.JPG     🤨 LMAOOO

calling john a virgin holy shit bro your sad 

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