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The Banning of Tarquanda?

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29 minutes ago, Grandma Gary said:

I am genuinely not sure how to feel about this.

Gary one time when I had 20 hours on the sever I was dead and you were on medic .08 clicks from me and I was not picked up. Never thought I would get the chance to tell you

I have tarquanda on snap chat and this is a real thing he sent me 


Eating dinner with my family right now after posting this pretending to act like a normal person 


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1 minute ago, Rafa said:

I too opened this at work and I just want each of you degenerates to know that Gods light doesn’t grace this earth as a result of your actions 

I asked tarquanda if I could send this. It seems it’s done quite the butterfly effect to some of you folks

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3 minutes ago, Exponent said:

I asked tarquanda if I could send this. It seems it’s done quite the butterfly effect to some of you folks

Idk that you know what that means but I also don’t know why you would post anthropomorphic candy porn so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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4 hours ago, Grandma Gary said:

This thread is going in an odd direction.  If our local "weird cartoon" guy is fine with it I guess it's fine

@ Waddles opinion?

Dear The olympus community


I have reviewed your request for a animed picture. I would like to say that this picture goes against our terms and services, we here at the anime club would like you to delete all of these pictures 

Thank you very much, and have a hentai day  

Animeclub LLC 

Email: [email protected] 


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