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  1. Hmm price for MX and PO uniform?
  2. Just 1v4d bt and NSM twice. The fact you can ever get killed by me is sad.

  3. >50 man gang went inactive.
  4. how much for a few pilot coveralls?
  5. 2 nades and a good foot job
  6. Put items in there not Y inv.
  7. Socio dont get tempted. You have me.
  8. @buckieBe my valentine?

    1. buckie


      Go fuck youself

  9. Turn olympus into a wasteland server 2017?
  10. Im just trying to be cool socio we can watch anime later tonight. ; - ; your afk and your name says your in bed why are you on fourms.
  11. Then why dont we fix the things you guys are saying also causing these things we dont need a medic working on a truck in a garage. We dont need all these skins. Alright you guys are right. The server is perfect how it is we dont need to fix anything we get 111 player per day on each server consistently its hard to fix these things. I understand now. Thank you for clarifying why olympus is a perfect server and every bug on olympus is bohemias fault.
  12. No prob beebee <3 I actually dont watch anime. Ive only watched one i litterally just use it as a meme.
  13. Admins,mods,devs stop tip toeing around the issue and adress it. We get there are other variables. Theres a tipping point though before the new hospitals we had no texture bugs at airfield. So saying "The npcs are playing a part." they might be but the new hospitals are obviously the major effect. Custom textures are cool and all but when they effect gameplay there should be a line drawn. Theyre from custom textures the hospital is littered with them needlessly
  14. Ok we get it stop tip toeing around the issue and address it. I know i sound like a dick but jesus this is the only server that ive seen that texture bugs we're telling you how to fix it untill 64 bit comes out.
  15. God fucking damnit i just changed accounts to.