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  1. When you leave our gang and copy our chain of command, at least have the members to fill it. @MrBoonie
  2. Here is our gangs version of the cartel callouts feel free to use them.
  3. How many csat ghillies?
  4. 400k for both black mk-1's
  5. Yeah just message me the amount
  6. Yeah, message me on Olympus TS When you are ready. You want Fatigues or Half Ghillies, Full Ghillies are already sold.
  7. I get that for free
  8. I am selling CSAT Half Ghillie's, CSAT Fatigues (Hex), and I have 3 CSAT Full Ghillie (Lush), those were removed multiple months ago. Message me your offers on TS or Olympus Forums
  9. If we are all posting speeds...
  10. o7 Burrito Man
  11. The most common are: Black and red (pretty common) White, usually with hints of blue (y common) Or Blue and black (not that common, but my personal favorite)
  12. You want any particular color, or are you fine with black and red.
  13. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nRzZXH Black and red right now but could always change the colors Similar pre-built would be around 1400