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    my original name was Alohadankbar on steam bc of a gay streamer saying Allah Akbar wrong. Then i found the filthy frank ravioli ravioli whats in the POCKETOLi video and i put that was my name and never changed it.
  4. Pocketoli

    wow. i totally agree. i mean how did they not know rotor tapping (even tho the heli didnt blow up) was against the rules. aLtIs DePaRtMeNt PoLiCe
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    isnt it 247? *
  7. Pocketoli

    im a bit confused
  8. Pocketoli

    Server 1
  9. Pocketoli

    House is 1.6 away from meth pro. https://gyazo.com/568f76811ed8277a93dbec669c0c5cf6 i am starting bid a 1m
  10. all the asylum rats and Kavala randies are practically illegal immigrants.

    1. Tom


      who you calling a rat you dumb shit

      all you're current cartel players 

      play on both servers

    2. Buffalo Bill
    3. Rusty


      You are the biggest rat on the server. So your a immigrant. 


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