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  1. when u think of an original meme kek
  2. 1b7e0d67ded3e18c83468efb3baade69.jpgWhen u got to Kavala
  3. +1 that
  4. https://gyazo.com/9e77aee94c863f171377caebae26bc76
  5. i introduced this song to you tho
  6. sammy ur irrelevant
  7. Stats page or we riot

  8. Pyrogos one looks ok, but i feel Athira is a bit plain and easy to attack
  9. i wanna join, but I have the same problem as @I Am Fuzzy and @DeadPool1337
  10. @Phizx clear pms i need to messgae u

    1. Phizx


      What ? You can't message me cuz they're full ? Wtf one sec haha

      Actually not letting me open my messages on my phone so I'll open up steam if you want to message me on there , otherwise you might have to wait

  11. portable big towers, how u feel now?
  12. Fedot has started a war with the forums, he is now demanding a armed Huron