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  1. Fake and Gay Grandma

    o7 @Tb:)
  2. U just told me -Ti- Dumbass! was dealt with administrative action but he is still on the server

  3. Fake and Gay Grandma

    Designers aren’t staff, tbh.
  4. Fake and Gay Grandma

    You forgot #10
  5. Fake and Gay Grandma

    I can offer you 1 fun night in kavala.
  6. Fake and Gay Grandma

    For real tho, they the goofsters. You the real scary gangster. I’ll remind them not to disrespect you ever again.
  7. o7 @Jamie, let’s never forget where u can’t drop dopecrates ❤️❤️


    o7 @Strikke, U big bitch, scrublord 1000, tbh one of the biggest bitches that anyone in the bitch community has ever seen. Love u gayboi ❤️

    Edited by ╲⎝⧹Fake and Gay Grandma⧸⎠╱
    1. Ares


      You name is so buggy on my phone 

    2. Fake and Gay Grandma

      Fake and Gay Grandma

      @Ares I think my name is buggy on anyones phone. Blame @Grandma Gary Big dumb over here

  8. Fake and Gay Grandma

    The only time you should rotortap or pit someone is if you have the cash and/or are willing to comp them. Because this is arma, tables, chairs, the ground and air will cause you to blow up that includes other vehicles, plants and water, so yea gl Hf.
  9. Happy Birthday @hawk! <3

    Edited by ╲⎝⧹Fake and Gay Grandma⧸⎠╱
    1. hawk


      Thanks Grandma :)


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