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  1. Why's that?Sounds retarded
  2. Some clarification plzz idk what that means
  3. AAB

    ASYLUM's coveralls are that way cause Pilot Covs + Carrier Lite + Server Lag = Tank
  4. AAB

    No Pilot coveralls are preferred cause they look cooler and hold more stuff
  5. AAB

    just record & report Submit a comp request if it was a heavy one
  6. AAB

    Ah didn't know it had a 3 between Ik what it is i got confused as i didn't remember it having a 3 between
  7. AAB

    5 MX GL? idk what MX3GL means
  8. AAB

    any reasons as to why he would take his own life?
  9. Makes sense he moved here.ASYLUM will remain junk as long as the admins and the developers are lazy fucks with no sense of better.
  10. AAB

    Fuck ASYLUM,Fuck Gnashes Fuck Bamf Fuck Paratus
  11. AAB

    Go to https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ Create a New Ticket and select Player Report Actually select Admin report
  12. AAB

    a tip is not to get the ASP-1 cause it sucks
  13. Too much dear sir.Maybe 25 @Jesse The T trunk in gang shed doesn't work

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