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  1. MonsteReZ

  2. MonsteReZ

    also why did it take you a year to respond?
  3. MonsteReZ

    r u admeting ta beying menay
  4. MonsteReZ

    its hard to make 100 accounts fast.....
  5. MonsteReZ

    mines better https://gyazo.com/d0322b788579a8c1b7d89318e7b5241b
  6. MonsteReZ

    <---- go home
  7. MonsteReZ

    No, homicide for pardon
  8. MonsteReZ

    im under 18 but i wont tell
  9. MonsteReZ

    nah osPD
  10. MonsteReZ

    nah dep chief
  11. MonsteReZ

    Corporal is overrated, give my man Homicide sergeant
  12. MonsteReZ

    no im 15
  13. MonsteReZ

    you first
  14. MonsteReZ

    only if you do the same
  15. MonsteReZ

    nah dude this is life b

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