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  1. Team speaks lol, but its the number above your apd application
  2. rip https://www.steadyhealth.com/topics/when-i-masturbate-i-get-really-bad-headaches my life is a meme
  3. ayyy im on my third perm tooo
  4. http://twitch.tv/pro_butt_hole
  5. Good quesion the best answer i have for you is #GoogleForCivRep another life altering question...... do you think i will ever be unpermed?
  6. ive been permed too long D:
  7. mk1 tazer worth like 1.2 mil bud xd
  8. still neck yourself and no
  9. dab on that irl shit and come back b
  10. offense taken
  11. ^ patrick
  12. drama free does not exist on olympus :), accept me for medic, ty
  13. #1 vigis are gay #2 no one asked you to change your mind
  14. go around and follow medics asking for money till there annoyed and say, "heres a dollar" and hands you 100k to shut the fuck up
  15. who is u?

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