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  1. Cousin Cletus

    I have not noticed any performance differences since they were removed. People still hardly fight cartels They are not "op" you just cant fucking aim I'm always poor cause I have to buy expensive vehicles just to drive around without having to worry about getting sprayed out all the time. Most all other cars drive like shit. Break alot, and you'll lose half your health on the way to were your going. Bring back prowlers and quilans
  2. Cousin Cletus

    I use to fuck with luke all the time. Nonetheless I liked him alot and enjoyed playing with him. Unfortunately hes now a dirty career window clicker. Just shit on people and consider making your own gang with a focus on younger people. Would be cool to see an army of preteens/early teens laying pipe at cartels ect
  3. Cousin Cletus

  4. Cousin Cletus

    Dawg your about to turn 16 and you thinking about how you get to join the APD? Go to the DMV get yo license, steal yo grandmas car and go get fucked up. Let me catch my son trying to join a fake police force for his 16th birthday.
  5. Cousin Cletus

    I was scammed for more one time about a year ago. Really ashame there is not a better market to sell items rather than one that requires a mutual trust
  6. Cousin Cletus

    My man Timothy out here fighting the good fight
  7. Cousin Cletus

  8. Cousin Cletus

  9. Cousin Cletus

  10. Cousin Cletus

    Haha grandma is always hungry
  11. Cousin Cletus

    A vigi taser will not work unless you are the teir level for that weapon. If you want a nice taser you are looking for police tasers. I've got a couple if that's what you want
  12. Cousin Cletus

    I noticed this occurrence with the apd for the short time I was there. Never willing to kiss ass so I knew that most likely I would not progress in the ranks well so I just went inactive. It's fine though always need more civs!
  13. Cousin Cletus

    What you say about my cousin? Treat him good ya heard
  14. Cousin Cletus

    You done fucked up when you asked this question
  15. Cousin Cletus

    Been putting the rpg to good use. Blew up hunter and orca so far. Seller is trustworthy

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