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  1. The premise of cops defend and civs attack sucks on asylum for their Evidence and would be weird here with wave rules.
  2. I got all my medic talents on asylum because clint beastwood kept wiping my gang with a pawnee ez money tbh
  3. make sure you dont have any external macros bound to it - once i had an ahk spam-in script running that took precedence over sending the input to the game
  4. check your settings to see if it is bound
  5. idk about his views but Howie Hawkins only had like 10 people watching his election night livestream and i just felt bad for the guy
  6. Are you sure? I always assumed carrier gl rigs were level 4 according to the wiki https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Carrier_GL_Rig_(NATO) but it could be wrong as arma is an absolutely braindead game when it comes to how armor and damage ends up getting calculated
  7. Lucien

    Need help

    Windows movie maker
  8. hbd mr. @Jig i hope u have good luck at the casino on your birthday!!!!

  9. ved was framed by pfc jake free the boy false charges smh my head

  10. Idk man I don't think that dabest guy would have gotten game banned if @Drippp was a mod

    1. Drippp


      I been saying that, I could easily talk any cheater out of cheating by explaining how wrong it is. Whatever tho guess they don’t wanna see me shine

  11. How about waiting till RDNA2 is revealed tomorrow before asking lol who knows it might be better for once
  12. don't know you but based on your signature you're a sav o7 homie
  13. Maybe you just have to have a certain number of cops nearby instead of sapd to start it? Would be a nice change to the event plan. Just a thought I agree it should be for Jr APD because they are the ones online most of the time + there is more of them so more likely it will happen more often
  14. hacker blowing up the server at https://www.twitch.tv/notlorax


    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Better go introduce myself to this "hacker" ;D

    2. Lucien


      Rip the boys stream permanent ban

  15. Is this only legal firearms or are illegal/cop weapons included?
  16. @PFC Jake surviving another ban wave unstoppable

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