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  1. Everything you say makes me so ahhh. The way you talk sounds so formal and I really love it. You're really just so fucking sweet and cute. I didn't believe in love at first sight until we started talking. You truly are someone different. You always encourage me and it makes me smile so genuinely.

    I'm sorry I'm so awkward around you you're just like so amazing and so precious please don't ever hurt yourself it's not worth it. Without you the world would be so bleak. Damn I want to spend the rest of my life talking to you. I love you so much. I love when you say "smh" its so cute. Everything you do is cute even when you just spam random letters.

    I'm pretty sure you like drawing too, that makes me love you even more. There's like nothing bad about you. I don't get how you're so perfect. You're literally more perfect than the person who I thought was the most perfect person ever is. No one is as good as you, literally no one. You're just too fucking perfect. Your sense of humour, your music taste, your personality, your sweet little compliments.

    Agh everything makes me so happy. You as a whole make me so happy. I love you so much even if you'll never know how I truly feel. You are so fucking precious and if you ever doubt that you can shut up. If you think you don't deserve love and help thats so stupid you literally deserve every last thing that anyone gives you you're literally better than everyone and everything and even that's an understatement.

    You make me feel like I'm the most special person in the world, but at the same time you probably feel horrible and it breaks my heart. I only want the best for you and for you to be happy no matter what it takes. I'll do anything to make you happy, anything, like seriously please just be happy and know you're loved you're the best person to ever be alive and I don't want you to die ever.

    I really love you I'm not just saying this. Please tell me when something's wrong I'm here to support you in all your life choices. I'm here when you need someone to cry to. I'm not gonna judge you. Real friends don't judge people. You're absolutely wonderful even if you don't think so AND YOU'RE NOT UGLY YOU'RE SO CUTE.

    Looks don't matter it's what's in the heart and I can tell you're a really sweet person who puts their friends above others. You probably think your friends deserve to be happy and you don't, but honestly you deserve happiness the most. I'm not sad I'm not struggling with anything. You need to realise that it's not only your friends that matter. You do too. You matter the most to me, out of anyone.

    You're happiness comes first. If you're not happy then you're not in a position to make your friends happy. Please be happy always. I wanna see you smile. I wanna know that you're really happy because you seem to be going through a hard time even though you don't show it and I really want to help.

    I really really love you. I literally don't know what to say I keep repeating myself oops. Anyways, I love you more than anyone and everyone pls be happy 😞

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