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  1. Dargen

    I’m under 16 can I get a reward.
  2. Dargen

    Ye big boss ain’t play no games.
  3. Dargen

    You can apply asking for an age exception. If your denied they might tell you how to improve your chances for the future.
  4. Dargen

    Support team isn't always right.
  5. Dargen

    Pretty sure this is false. when your dead you can’t be involved in a situation so even if your gang is fighting someone you can’t just be instantly shot when picked up now if you said after a few seconds after he was revived I’d say sure because if there still fighting he’s then joined the engagement. As for the post it’s self most people think that just because they killed them the first time means there still engaged for 5mins.
  6. Dargen

    Yikes lmao
  7. Dargen

    Idk about pilot coveralls but maybe csat fatigues or some of the csat gear. Would make it harder on the APD a little bit but some ppl won’t buy it some ppl will get smacked anyways.
  8. Dargen

    Personally I absolutely hate the rain in this game it doesn’t look good it doesn’t effect anything that I know of besides preformance and it’s not fun to fight in during day or night. Personally I wouldn’t miss the night but I can see why some people would I think a reduction would be cool.
  9. Dargen

    Listen to hopsin
  10. Dargen

    Good idea. Is this gonna be done via online websites or do you have another idea.
  11. Dargen

    Yikes now what am I gonna do when s3 is down
  12. Dargen

    Wait so someone won?
  13. Dargen

  14. Dargen

  15. Dargen


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