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can't decide on a Vehicle

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These are all so  different.  What are you looking for in a car? Ask yourself Is it affordable, is it safe, will people think  I have a tiny dick if I'm seen driving this vehicle? These are all things  that need to be considered. 

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10 hours ago, DeadPool1337 said:

I'm buying a vehicle soon and can't decide between a mustang, ford f150-250 or a chevy Silverado.

What do yall think?

If you live somewhere in the north that gets snow don't go with the mustang. I had one for a short time and almost ate a pole. Go with something AWD. If you live somewhere without snow, mustang all the way.

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Listen u American Son of a bitch, i love ya. But the first thing is first. You can get what ever the fuck u wanna get! BUT, If u love america and u want to roast some tires to the wheels, get ya a Damn Mopar!!!!

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