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Locked Duping Ban Wave

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Hello everyone, if you or someone you know was banned for "Duping Ban Wave" then this is your informational thread on what happened.


First thing's first. The R&R Impound Yard has been abused for over 1 year in what can only be described as the largest money exploit uncovered in Olympus History.


I won't go into details, but overall, Total Exploited: $728,970,000 dollars have been inflated into the market from this exploit. Some of us on Staff have spent over 9 hours as of this post sifting through logs from all the way back to January of 2016. Every medic who performed this exploit has been permanently banned. Every civ who helped a medic perform this exploit has been permanently banned.

Furthermore, we have also spent most of this time tracking the money to their first point of contact from the exploiter -- to a player who had nothing to do with the exploit or a gang bank. Most players who are linked have been wiped. Some players who are prominent members of this community have only had the exact amount of the illegitimate money they received, extracted from their account.


Overall 23 players have been banned. 48 players have had their accounts wiped. 15 players have had exact amounts of illegitimate money extracted from their accounts.


Most of this transferred money (and I mean the vast majority of it) has been sold for IRL money. Some of you may have lost some legitimate money you gained (Mostly from gang banks). Some of you will have only lost the amount of illegitimate money you gained and have nothing left. Let this serve as a lesson to everyone. If you buy money from a player with irl money, you do so at your own risk. If it happens to be duped or illegitimate, it can and will catch up with you and you will have it removed from your bank because it isn't money that was made legitimately. It's "Dirty" money, if you will. 


You can post any questions below. We understand some players who received money will likely be unhappy but this was a risk you took. Most wiped players are linked closely with the exploiters who probably knew what was going on. The people who had exact amounts removed from their account, whether it was bought with IRL money or something else, the money was illegitimate regardless and has to be removed from the economy. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.


Special thanks to @Jesse for staying up for the 9 hours working on this with me.

Thanks to Ares, Ignis, and Mercury for working on this as well. Everyone of these folks played a large role in this investigation.

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1 minute ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

Holy shit! How was this found out? Did someone report it, or did staff just find it?

A member of the community showed enough concern for this and let us know, but I am sure he was not aware of how big of scale this was. In the beginning neither did we. 

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well, i can at least with my hand on the bible say that i NEVER did this exploit once!... so hopefully i didn't get punished by the idiots who did... But the numbers that are put out, is that from the exploit or total from using it legit? 

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