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Kavala Investments LLC is closing it's doors.

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This is KI's farewell address to the community. Kavala Investments LLC and the majority of it's staff will be relocating to a different server. You must be thinking Gator got  perm banned or something like that. That's not the case. My company and I have been on Olympus since August and I cherished every minute I played on it. The community is great and I've had a blast. I was die hard for Olympus and refused to play any other game or server for the last 5 months. Last night I played on a server with more features and a rule set that makes more sense to me. I've achieved every personal goal that I can think of on Olympus, which were primarily to be on the top ten richest players and have a large bad ass gang. I achieved both.


While I'll be spending most of my game time on the new server, I still have a vast personal estate of 11 houses/garages and 52 million dollars. Instead of doing some big dumb give away, I'll be coming back every now and again to sponsor sporting events with monetary or real estate awards. 


Anyway, I just wanted to give a few shout outs to a few awesome players and groups. Corporal_moob, Clanzocu (or however the hell you spell it), Lance, the entirety of National Guard, PCP, TPF (if they still exist), HoneyBooBoo, McDili, PapaMunski, Lord Paco, and there's some others that made my experience fun as hell. Thanks boys.


I know a lot of people are glad that we are going to be gone. A lot of people hated KI, but then there was a lot of people that loved us as well. Regardless, I hope you had some sort of fun no matter the encounter.

I've been wanting to write the story of KI for awhile since we started and I will eventually do so because the it was an amazing RP experience story filled with love, hate, violence, spies, betrayal, and lots of intoxication.
Anyway, please don't turn this into a flame war. KI isn't going to be around to rob your shit anymore.
Very Respectfully,
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But, but but.... Gator....no plz....gator no...not now...not this...

even tho us [AMS] hated you guys with a passion, the server will not be the same without you...i would on behalf of the entire [AMS] wish you good luck on your adventures. may the holy spirit of Altis guide you on your adventures. we had our differences.. but we still loved you guys... you will be missed....

Good luck gator, you and your crew will be missed. <3



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This makes me so sad :(


I will miss you all, and the goats, and the "8===D" texts


Add me on steam, name is McDili same as on the forums.


As KI leaves our server, inevitably new gangs will crop up to try and take their place. I'm anxious to see how things develop on server 2.


Gator, I wish you luck on your new server. <3

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It might be a good idea to hold off on selling/giving away real estate until the new map is updated. Some estates may go up in value. On the same token, some estates that are currently valuable may go down in value once the update hits. So actually, nevermind.

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