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How did the gang name "Tree" evolve?

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Yeah one of the OGs Reindeerkitten was trying to figure out a Gang Name with Jaeger one night, and Reindeer was eating a Reese’s Christmas Tree and just came up with “The Great Tree” so here we are almost four years later. 

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The Naming of the Great Tree

 It was December 27th, 2014. Three dudes in a teamspeak; Mike Perez, Raindeerkitten, and I - Jaeger Mannen, were discussing what tags they should use for their gang "Altis Apples Inc." I didn't like abbreviations or acronyms as all the other gangs used those, so I suggested we use a word for a tag. [Apple] would've been fuckin' stupid as would any other suggestions we came up with. Raindeerkitten(we actually thought he was AFK) just blurted, "Tree" and the teamspeak went silent. "Yeah, fuck it. Tree. We'll change it tomorrow." I said.

  We started destroying gangs and becoming notorious with the tags "Tree" so we kept them. Then January 2nd came around with an Olympus patch that updated and wiped gangs. I renamed the gang "The Great Tree"and the rest is history. 

The End


but yes, raindeerkitten read "tree" from a reese's peanut butter cup wrapper.

Edited by Jaeger Mannen
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