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Grandma Gary's most funny moments?

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Gentlemen, how about some of you whom have had the please of interacting with Grandma Gary share your funniest moments? If you have pictures and/or videos even better! 


Me? I saw him once just standing in front a a vehicle that wasn't his and in his "special" voice was saying to the CIV or COP ( don't remember ) " Mine mine mine, that truck is mine ". Among other things. Well, share something my peeps! ( wow, my peeps really? ) lol. Have at it! 

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Unfortunately I have nothing but funny moments.  After Hades made the mist.. wise choice to bump me on up to admin my arsenal has only increased too. 


Ah, not unfortunate at all! You give us a fresh take on Altis. So keep up the good work! Just running around in your ghillie suit makes our day. 

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????????? beep beep
????????? Gary gay porn delivery


Ummm, lol? I'm just admiring your drawing skills haha

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It saddens me to think I no longer have Gary's floating Hunter saved somewhere.

your signature has the clickable thing, and it dosnt work to click it, PLEASE FIX THAT

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The day of the wipe was my best/worst experience with Gary. I had 14 people restrained in kavala HQ (no I'm not exaggerating) and Gary kept attempting to lockpick them and escort them out of HQ. So after warning and ticketing him, I sent him to jail. Somehow, less than 30 seconds later, he was back! Then an admin who will remain nameless restrained me. Gary grabbed me, took me to the roof of HQ, then said in his creepy voice, "bye bye Mr. Long" and threw me off the roof to my death. By the time I respawned, all of my criminals were gone and Gary was hovering over me with a taru bench. 11/10 best day of my life on Olympus.

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@Grandma GaryOne of the only times I've ever seen him in-game was in an APD Ghost-hawk landed in Kavela. As soon as he tried flying away he crashed into a pole behind him and killed a fresh spawn. Rip Andy.

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