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Goodbye Guys

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2 hours ago, AmericanWaffle said:

@Venoooom We've really developed a unique friendship to say the least, but I'll miss you bro

o7 man, gonna miss you, also i swear the chicks at In-n-out wern't trannys.

2 hours ago, AmericanWaffle said:

@rabid ty for defending my honor against unruly po's haha

Nah ima always tell you to shut up at feds ❤️

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3 hours ago, AmericanWaffle said:

Hell, in America there are people trying to make it legal for the state to discriminate against people simply because of the way they look? Who is to stand in the face of such unfathomable inequity? Perhaps I’m just maturing?

thats already a thing buddy its called affirmative action

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