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Gang Wars : The First Battle

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For those of you who don't know me, I am PETER MOTHERFUCKING LONG! (aka Peter Short, Millimeter Peter, Peter noballs) I am lobbying for the help of the staff to start our first official monthly event: Gang Wars.

Before each gang wars, I will be compiling a quick synopsis of each gang: Gang title, motto, each of the 10 members, and a little background. I believe that we have someone who does lotteries that can help me make a betting system for the Gang War. There will be no limit to the gangs allowed entering the field, however I ask to have at least 1 weeks notice as to who would like to enter so I can have time to make up the official gang wars page. When I get home I will make a submission form for gangs to fill out. This form is required to be filled out prior to the competition.

Here is a brief synopsis of the war itself:

Gangs start off in the Warzone, approximately 1.5 km outside of the Meth Cartel. The Meth Cartel will be captured by the Olympus Staff. Each gang will be spawned in 1 50 cal offroad and 2 ifrits. GANGS ARE LIMITED TO 10 PLAYERS! BRING YOUR BEST. At the sound of the whistle (admin message) each gang will attempt to capture the meth cartel. Now, I fully expect to see a bloodbath, so don't disappoint me by playing safe. The victor will be determined by whichever gang can successfully capture the meth cartel to 100%. This will allow for a decent-length fight. Each gang will only be allowed 1 respawn per member. If you die, please text an admin for a tp back to your gang starting point. There you will wait until your entire gang is ready for another wave.

Those who win the gang war will be showered with honor by having an exclusive interview posted onto the forums. This will be an opportunity for the winning gang to beat their chest and say that they are the best on the server. I will also be making a squad xml logo that is exclusive to the winning gang each month. This is a badge of honor that only the best can wear proudly. (Possibly a TS tag/logo as well) Oh yeah, and a prize of 350K per member of the victorious gang.

Moderators and staff will use 3rip.exe esp to take out anyone who doesn't belong on the war field. 

Odin, Ham, and Ace are experienced streamers and admins/mods. They will be included in a massive stream wombo combo with myself as the commentator/host where they can observe the battlefield. Each one of them will watch a different portion of the battlefield to give those who aren't in gangs the ability to watch the wars! 

Any questions you plebs?


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