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I dont know if you all are aware of this but this is very very very fucking huge. I think we need this....



March Rewards

$250 increase to in-game paychecks
Civilian Striders available for purchase the first week of April.
Striders support a variety of colors, chrome, and other vehicle upgrades.

If you have an idea for a donation reward make a topic in suggestions forum and we'll consider it.

Rewards are given to all players, not just donators.

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52 minutes ago, SystemChips said:

I think striders would be pretty awesome for an escape during a jail, just keep it in the back until you're ready to leave

A boat is faster, APD could literally just go to the boat shop and get a rescue boat, which you shoot off of, and then disable the strider.

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Maybe a bunch of people will get their paychecks tomorrow and donate.  Last two months saw a flurry of last minute donations.  I do think the rewards are a little weaker this month but I still chipped in - the Olympus experience, being a small highly customized game with a very active and competent staff, is worth way more than what I've received for various MMO subscription fees over the years.  From this perspective, the fact that what we have here is not only awesome but FREE, is pretty astounding.  That's my argument for donating.  

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5 minutes ago, 7oXiC said:

hmmmm, that is not bad either

Exactly. My best flying skills ( if any ) I perform while intoxicated. 

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