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I'm Out

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After a long journey, I am deciding to take my leave from the Olympus development team. I've had a hell of a time working with the Olympus staff and being apart of this great community. To the people that gave the developers constructive criticism and actually helped us out, thank you so much. You guys are what drives the development team to keep doing more. After a long period of time, I've decided that I've hit burn-out when it comes to ArmA. I also have some IRL stuff that I need to sort out. Shout out to @Poseidon. He is one of the most intelligent people I know and was a major inspiration for me and motivated me a lot to do what I did. You guys are extremely lucky to have him as the founder. Shout out to @yoitsdanny1 for keeping me motivated and overall being a good friend. Shout out to @Chaos, for bringing me into ArmA development in the first place and keeping me motivated with it. And shout out to all of Olympus staff for the amazing work you guys do and I've seen it all first-hand. I will still be around in the Olympus community, but I don't have the energy or time to continue putting in the resources I have previously. Thank you all so, so much for a great ride. :bender-dance:

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2 minutes ago, Lucki said:

Shut up @Fedot


o7 Sad to see you go. I never really followed it much so I'm not entirely sure, but was it just you and Poseidon that developed, or are there other people?

In the beginning, it was me, him and odin, coding the mission file. When Odin left, it was just me and Poseidon coding the mission file.

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1 hour ago, djwolf said:

In the beginning, it was me, him and odin, coding the mission file. When Odin left, it was just me and Poseidon coding the mission file.

Ruh Oh. We better start a beer and pizza fund for poseidon to keep him motivated and prevent complete burn out

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@djwolf Only got to talk to you on a few occasions, and i never really got to know you but the work you've done to help the server grow and expand has not gone without gratitude from every Olympus player. I thank you for your help and wish you luck with whatever or wherever you go next. 

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I'm so mad at you right now. Thought what we talked about had helped. Oh well. We'll miss you man. I hope you don't become a stranger. You have some friends here. Always remember that.

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