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  2. Follow what Dante is saying..Trust me! Be the second best noodle on the server!! Make me proud and always follow the rules!!! I can't stress this enough, good things will happen if you keep the community in knowledge of the rules and always help other if needed. If you need any help join the support channel on our teamspeak where I myself or any SS division soldiers can help. But my son promise me one thing. Make. Me. Proud! @MrNoodle
  3. Congrats on Senior Support Team! I knew you would get it soon enough!

    1. Ramennoodles


      Thanks! Much respect! Get back to playing Medic;)

    2. Lucas K

      Lucas K

      Good Job Ramen! ;)

  4. A quicky I know it's bad, did it within a minute laughing
  5. Just be YOU! Keep playing R&R, make friends as you go and always try to be as friendly as you can. Follow the rules and teach others along the way. And lol yes, you must have a hype man like danger that pumps you up.
  6. @Muthinator lmaoooo don't worry i actually don't eat all them noodles I prefer to cook chicken and extra lean ground beef
  7. York university Keele Campus my pet turtle, come on. And I can't show pics now because my gender have been assumed...sorry Sorry for image quality, getting a new phone..camera got busted. Here are some proof @Pledge Advertising Olympus....Seem to have more mr.noodles but i swear back at my place I got a stock pile of Ramennoodles!
  8. @Pledge hell no, I have a full pantry cabinet of noodles
  9. Nahh, everyone deserve air responder. Many people that I play with work really good as medic and you know who you are.
  10. When you're a career medic but have to leave behind your desktop pc to live on campus...backup laptop to save the day for the time being. Totally not advertising Ramennoodles noodles in this pic.
  11. Come on guys, is it hard to get along? Have normal conversation? I know this is the internet but I would expect some sort of respect to each other and actually go by the forum rules, General Rules, chapter 4 . As for the texture bugs, we're fully aware of it and it's something that will be here for a while, I appreciate the amount of posts about it to make it aware to the dev's but it's a bit much and I don't want to always keep saying the same thing over and over and I'm sure @Jesse is aware of it as well. And I'm not gonna go all about how it's not the server to a full extent. Bohemia have this issue and it's not friendly to any server with added stuff involved. If anything the dev's you should be going to is Bohemia dev's themselves even tho they're aware of it as well and are trying to find a fix by giving feedback it can help. >https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00166
  12. Please don't bother any admins tho, please and thank you. It's not needed and advise editing that out.
  13. SIR I LOVE YOU<3 better