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  1. It's okay man, I believe you will climb up that mountain and kill the person that killed your RAM! Keep going and never back down and I promise things will work out towards your favor. Stay strong my son... For future reference when dealing with a black screen is just try doing what mcdili said above as that seems to work most of the time! another thing is shift tab to another window, you can even leave task manager on so that you can later shift tab to it and end arma 3 if you're lucky enough to switch to that, another thing since we are on the topic of task manager you should try having Arma3.exe on high through the task manager. A way to do this is simply right click it then go to details and then look for arma3.exe again to right click and change the priority to high....it may help towards getting pass black screens in the future but it's not 100% as it might process through it a bit faster but that's about it. Once again best of luck towards getting revenge and some blood on your hands
  2. I Don't feel like any admins have been ruining the game for you and your friends/family personally, you should have probably just try to get in contact about the situation once it started by going on teamspeak and joining the support channel join for help and our fellow support team members would have gladly help you out with the situation and give you the options you have to get in contact with such admin....Have you tried making a ban appeal by any chance in the support section on the forums? --> http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ Forums is not the best place to talk about any ban related situation
  3. it's not the Bluetooth one right? And I'm gonna guess since I have beats headphone as well (For Music Only) it uses a jack instead of USB and I know this question might be a bit stupid to ask but did you make sure to have it on the correct Headset/mic jack. It's the last one to the right in this pic --> <- If you don't seem to have this third option you will need a 4 post to a 3 post converter to break out the mic and speaker unless it's one of them beats that uses the 2 functions in one plug as a 4 pole 3.55mm audio jack that only works on phones to answer calls (Only way to activate the mic) when listening to music but you've tried it on another computer soooo.....searching for any drivers that may be needed.. Here is where you can buy the converter if you don't have that third jack option: https://www.radioshack.com/products/radioshack-mobile-headset-to-pc-converter or simply go to your local area to buy one
  4. http://win10faq.com/fix-microphone-settings/ Try this link out, if you still are having an issue with the mic but have you checked your capture settings under tools then options at the bottom of the drop down menu on teamspeak itself? Is it just teamspeak that the mic does not wok? And what type of mic are we talking about because it might have it's own unique driver that you can download online if so. If it still does not seem to work I will look into it more.
  5. o7 - You will never be forgotten my friend, Much respect! Always loved the Burrito!
  6. police

    Well I can assure you that no APD officer will "combat Blindfold you" or even run up to a player with a gun to simply blindfold him/her while in combat, It's placed for the cops to add role play and i'm sure our fellow APD members will use it at the correct time for safe measures and convenient role play.
  7. Hi @BadChad Glad to see you're placing hours in and hope you're aware of the server rules by now --> http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/206-olympus-altis-life-server-rules/ I also advise that once you make your application that you read up on the APD Handbook --> http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/5240-apd-master-handbook/ ::Application Process:: Once you know the rules and feel like you have placed a good amount of time as civ you can go ahead and place a application towards becoming a whitelisted cop, the process is simple and easy once you know the directions on the site. Once you signed in on the site take a look at the top right header of the site you should see a support tab click that, once there you will see Your Support Requests, go ahead and locate "New Request" as seen like this --> once you click that a pop up of a form will open up, go ahead and change the department to APD Application and then type your name as you would in this picture. Then fill out the rest as to what it requires and as for the big text box at the end simply write about why you woul like to join the APD force and some stuff you can bring to the table as a cop in the Olympus community. Once you hit save you'ill have to wait patently for it to be resolved then once it's been looked at and accepted you will have to get the ticket number of that request, it will look like this in your request then you will have to wait patently in the channel on teamspeak for a Sargent or higher to give your first APD test! Good luck and remember to read up on the APD handbook
  8. I understand that you receive texture bugs a lot but it's already been mentioned -->http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/12251-64bit-arma3/#comment-141309 And we're fully aware of it, it's something that doesn't just mainly happen here but it's also a sacrifice we deal with so we can have a variety of textures within the server. As for it being the reason of lose of equipment or money itself in some scenarios you can be given comp for it long as you have it recorded and the admins deem it towards being a valid comp request. As for "patching it" i'm just gonna put on my radioactive suit for good measuresand hope for the best. Not a good chit-chat topic for the most part as well...
  9. @Dylan Dizy are you still experiencing any teamspeak issue? It might have been unavailable for a short period of time but if you still experience it to this date try looking over the TeamSpeak information you're using, it can be found here as well as the comment above me stated but for future reference regarding server info --> http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/491-arma-3-teamspeak-server-info/ I also advise checking if you have Teamspeak updated,PM me if it continues. It also might be your firewall restricting it for some sort of reason, whatever it may be if it continues i will guide you through this towards any port forwarding and do all I can to get you back on TeamSpeak, hope everything got resolved tho!
  10. @Anthony_Gomez Before anything I highly recommend putting time in the server as a civilian to really get a good feel of what the server have to offer and of course gain knowledge towards the rules on the server as well, here is a link for server rules --> http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/206-olympus-altis-life-server-rules/ As for being whitelisted as an APD or R&R after placing hours in the server as civ and really getting a good feel on the rules i also advise you to take a look at both the R&R and APD handbook before applying and as stated before once you are whitelisted as cop or medic it follows through both server 1 and 2. R&R Handbook --> http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/544-rr-handbook/ APD Handbook --> http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/5240-apd-master-handbook/ P.s I also recommend going on teamspeak and wait in the support room as i'm more then happy to help with any such questions you may have in further details.
  11. Nice! @Ramennoodles for the $100 Donation!

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      Thanks, won't be the last. :)

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      Gotta be one of the bigger donations I've seen when the goal was already met 

  12. Happy new years to you man, best of luck for 2017 montages!
  13. I suppose the main implication is that people shouldn’t assume ‘I was drunk’ is a good excuse for doing things one knows he or she shouldn’t be doing and i myself don't take such act kindly and it honestly makes me think twice about your personality and how responsible you are and the lack of integrity you may have.... you're responsible for your behavior. I believe a person acts out their sober desires when they become intoxicated then blame their actions on being drunk. It's not like they don't know what will happen if they keep drinking. Therefore they choose to lose control of themselves, to lose the ability to think clearly & rationally & to lose the ability to use sound reasoning. Before getting drunk they know it and all thoughts kick in, good & bad & they tell themselves it's not their fault but the alcohols actions....People decide to do these things while drinking because they care less about the consequences that may come with it but when they blame it on the alcohol it honestly triggers me as i can go on for days towards how you know exactly what you did while on duty and it shows..I'm sorry but I myself wouldn't want to give you a badge that represents a community as the R&R
  14. I don't think your stable enough to survive a war with the mighty Canadians! Stand back or forever regret this! We pushed you back in 1812 and we will push you even further back if you try to do anything stupid! Now let's offer peace @Tman15tmb ..I don't want you to embarrass yourself on the forums now, war is not the answer to everything... Now you can show peace or forever be on your knee's to us Canadians.