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  1. Silentbird66

    Is it meta gaming if I tell everyone in side chat that I just put a thicc bounty on someones head and tell people to go cuck them? :^)
  2. Silentbird66

    Is it possible to add the new backpacks too? They look so cool. 1+ to make offroad comms for rebel too!
  3. Who the fuck takes time out of their day to report a medic for VDM....
  4. Silentbird66

    not RDM, Greedo told him Hands up or be tazed.
  5. Silentbird66

    Please run for chief <3
  6. Silentbird66

    I have 5
  7. Silentbird66

    5 mil
  8. Silentbird66

    1991 Boyz n the Hood
  9. I didn't understand the Ed Edd and Eddy stuff at the end there, am I not up to date with my memes or something? That show is fucking amazing, was one of the best on Cartoon Network.
  10. Silentbird66

    If only the pay for a real life EMT was as good as the pay the Altis EMTs get
  11. Silentbird66

    Ghilies are ugly as hell anyways Use the new all black rebel uniform ( Whoever added that all black rebel suit I fucking love you....no homo....)
  12. Silentbird66

    Should have used Microsoft Sam
  13. Silentbird66

    2 mil Deal? K thanks hit me up with that DM
  14. Silentbird66

    Rainbow 6 siege is the best game and has the best thiccness

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