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  1. kfc and zyklon b hehexd

  2. Just because KS is slightly worse than you are doesn't really mean anything. Youre dogshit too.
  3. Fyshie.

    damn not my finger but u right i know the kid tho
  4. Fyshie.

    what does this mean
  5. me when I use my javascript skills to unblur Jesse's leaked picture hahahaha Jesse u big idiot

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    2. J O E

      J O E

      49 minutes ago, Silton said:


      Who dis?

    3. Jesse


      Me like 4 years ago. Was a reddit roast me.

    4. Silton


      Eta on my money?? @Jesse

  6. hey server do me a favor and don't reach donation goal plz

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    2. Dante


      Oh. Yeah. Should have seen when Hunters were given for a month. @DeadPoolliterally broke the bank

    3. Deadpool


      @Dante We do not talk of this....... I did not know the way back then. I wish I could take back my 17 mil

    4. Deadpool


      1 hour ago, McDili said:


      after truck repairs Ill give you some more lint

  7. Fyshie.

    Sorry for your loss. Live life to the fullest. Don't take heroin.
  8. Thought i give u 50 cal and i get unbanned why u removed me ?

  9. Fyshie.

    here u go
  10. Fyshie.

    id like to retract my vote

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