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  1. im unbanned tomorrow morning boys get ready for cancer... gonna be suicide bombing kavala every day from now on

  2. If you wanna wait an hour and 20 minutes I'll send a video
  3. do you still get cucked if you wear full ghillie

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    2. Jamie


      How are you going to downvote me just trying to help?



    3. Callumm


      1 hour ago, Jamie said:

      How are you going to downvote me just trying to help?



      because he fucking wants to

    4. Jamie


      yeah I get that he just asked "what?" when I said "professional" 

      not saying he cant or that he cares just pointing out someones charecter in sarcastic way.

  4. Donald Trump is one of the best presidents in American history.
  5. Quick reminder that there's no actual evidence of trump saying "shithole countries"

  6. tell that to the moon landing
  7. Also, there's a town neighboring to me named Swastika. Canadian btw
  8. I went ahead and got as close as I could to the exact parts that PC has. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cxkym8 It came out to $1765. I would buy the prebuilt at the moment as the price of the 1070 is ridiculous.
  9. What happened to Andrew?

  10. my bet's on snuggle piglets
  11. idk what u guys are talking about this is the pinnacle of comedy
  12. Not true. DDR4 ram relies on CPU socket LGA1151. You can get i7s in literally any other processor socket. i7-4790k, for example, does not require DDR4 ram

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