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  1. If you want to play minecraft on server reply or send me msg

  2. Olympus cruise hahaha I'm dead.

    1. RubberDuck


      Dead set in going?

    2. Cartel Bot

      Cartel Bot

      we know deadpool is a retarded cripple

  3. Support team scream oh no no no

  4. Today im encouraging everyone to roast eachother on these here forums.

    I will start.

    @Phizx are you still using the booster seat at your desk chair?

    1 per post please thankyou.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. dEJected Youth

      dEJected Youth

      Whose snare?

      Oh and that would be 138 tyvm

    3. Viper


      36 minutes ago, dEJected Youth said:

      @Viper ayeee there go. Your gang is like you took a bunchof sofia scats piled them in an orca and said "lets go to cartels" los zetas cartels reminants.

      Lol we can do 2 ghost hawks in one day, Id be surprised if you got 2 kills in 1 day :Kappa:

    4. Snare


      1 hour ago, Matt The Savage said:

      I would like to roast the one and only god tier death snare, about his greased back hair lookin ass


      less like that more like this Image result for g eazy

  5. Watchu doin viewing my profile like that boi who gave u permission?

  6. @chino Brih watcha doin little buddi?

    1. chino Brih

      chino Brih

      nothing much and who is this

    2. dEJected Youth

      dEJected Youth

      Its your dad little buddi

    3. chino Brih
  7. civ rep mr @3 Rip is doing a tremendulouss job i would like to congradulata heem

    1. 3 Rip
    2. dEJected Youth

      dEJected Youth

      Yess yess yess so proud so proud

  8. @Orgondo wts good with orgondizzle

    1. Orgondo


      I need english pls

    2. dEJected Youth

      dEJected Youth

      Wtsup my tree papi wts good widddd u u be playin dis game or rust or wattt

      Okay proper english.

      Hello orgondo how is it going. Have you been playing arma 3 lately or rust or something else? Long time no chat ya know?


    1. Silton


      oh wow thats not an old song xdxdxd o wow ehehe

    2. dEJected Youth

      dEJected Youth

      @Silton all you kids are listening to this new stuff the old stuff is the good stuff.

  10. I feel bad for people who bought server 3 drug houses haha

  11. you shouldn't get banned off your own video unless your doing some exploit.
  12. just stopping by to say hello to all my children. wow these forums are still poppin widout me

    1. Fedot


      who r u

      nvm wait nobody cares

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