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  1. this facebook?
  2. gulp gulp gulp gulp cash me at the impound yard how bow dah
  3. vx rapeter is the leader of vx
  4. wait they know call outs? how did Solomon program them to know that?
  5. looks like im gonna have to make you sit now please don't roast :C
  6. right, I still love you house but I will say sit once in a while
  7. I legit applied to a gang and got banned for 30 days for trolling when I applied
  8. no its just I got banned for applying to a gang and you can say spick and not get banned when I got banned for 30 days of the forums for applying to a gang
  9. @Peter Long @McDili hello?
  10. donttagmeinshitifidontknowyou.
  11. maybe the cops should get a little better?
  12. its amazing to counter the cops and the cops want it removed already its fucking bullshit we restrain one cop and they can all come back with lethals its fair
  13. were giving them a taste of there own I love it now its not op it even tbh now taze us before we can taze you the cops don't like getting tazed? then win the fight https://gyazo.com/85d8e40c1035e88c8748e8243d478552 https://gyazo.com/85d8e40c1035e88c8748e8243d478552
  14. yeah they should remove it kappa #gotem
  15. 3 MAGS