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  1. Bruh, What you need to do is have a picture of an american flag with guns, and a quote on it. And if your not for second amendment have a anti second amendment sign on it idk
  2. Nah they proabally aren't https://www.google.com/amp/fox17online.com/2017/10/07/szechuan-sauce-at-mcdonalds-coming-back-for-today-only/amp/
  3. You should apply to fix this website
  4. yea i wanna see you lay in the middle of the field in a ghillie with that gun, Wonder how fast you will get tapped
  5. 404:NoFucksGiven
  6. All the DLC's that have been released and the final last two that are still yet to be released. Thank god it's almost over!!
  7. #arma4
  8. Now with an easy 12-Step tactic, I can teach you on how to git gud! 1. Pull out at least 3-4 feet of rope to work with. 2. Take the last two feet of rope (from the end) and make a simple S-shape. 3. Take the standing line of the rope and pass it under all three sections of the S. 4. Loop the end of the rope back around the top of the S-shape of rope and then back under. 5. Continue wrapping the rope around the S-Shape of rope 6 more times. 6. Pass the end of the rope through the bottom loop of the noose. 7. Pull on the noose and standing line to tighten. 8. Throw the noose over a secure, high-up, area. 9. Set a stool, chair, table or whatever you desire for you to stand over as you proceed to git gud. 10. Set the made noose around your neck. 11. Give the noose a slight tug at the back of your made standing line on said noose. 12. Kick the stool, chair, table from beneath your feet.
  9. Who?
  10. Who?
  11. Well... Jwilly would
  12. Your not buying it for a mk1 you would be buying them for a better weapon
  13. 100k
  14. Conspiracy

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