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  1. idk why all of you are complaining about how hard it is getting tasers, idk about you but i get tased or attempted to be tased atleast once or twice a day. All you have to do is go to kav, get 3 people and find a deputard that is alone and wala you got yourself a sting taser. If you take that sting you can literally kidnap any cop you want it just takes 1/2 a brain...
  2. imagine a mar-10 giveaway, just another chance for someone to put it in their house to never touch it again
  3. you already know i got that s2 moon gangshed thats better than yours on s1, You know where to msg me mong.
  4. If you are experiencing crashing change all graphic settings to normal/high, When it’s on low it crashes for me
  5. still waiting on thoes big bets cough cough @Horizon

    if anyone else isnt pussy 50 mil bets all around wont stop till one of our accounts is empty 

  6. Fuck yes for buckie as support team
  7. Through middle/high school I prioritized games and basically almost failed, then at college and have barely touched my computer soo
  8. Soo your still going to give me thoes 200 corp berets right?
  9. The way i would choose what server to play on is based on pop and by what im attempting to accomplish, If my main goal for day is to make as much money as i can, then i would go on the lowest pop server that is up, If i wanted to go fight cartels then i would hop the servers until i find a server that had active fights... If i wanted to rob - Lowest pop servers, Do a federal events go to a server that has the minimal cops cause it doesnt really matter anyways cause they will just hop over..... (Cop Stacks 4 lyfe)... Basically just use your brain, if you want the less risk then lower pop if you want higher risk or to find more people go for higher pop
  10. Also they should add Armed jets for role play
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