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  1. Hasn't GA's been in for awhile?
  2. Fuck for my first day I was sucking @platinumfire for some money and ended it with wasting 1 mil on useless shit.
  3. mcpd

    Hey trilux word has it you just put in your résumé and got accepted with out a test
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/billybobjoe1337
  5. This isn't YouTube +1 honestly it is annoying that frames are shit and no one fucking plays the server. I don't want it turning to another Altis but I do want something changed aswell as the pick glitch, I hate that everyone who gets pisses off at us has to use it as a leverage besides duping/hacking. I do make an abundance of my money off of Tanoa but if it were to disappear for something then I wouldn't be too pissed off.
  6. http://hia3.com/tools/ArmA_3_wide-angle_FOV_calculator_online_by_Hi,A3.htm
  7. i play on 119 beause idk
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/billybobjoe1337 <-- My stream, I try to stream daily some days iffy, Come and drop by some time and say hello in the chat <3
  9. Don't be a pleb I'm using a and 7570 with a 4some processor worth around 50$ still getting 30+fps
  10. If this is the case I got a lot of names to be banned
  11. Have you tried turning off and back on again