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  1. @reign gets tss same day as bytec wave 😞 sit dog aha x

    1. Truthy


      Gucci really thought he was getting away from matrin

    2. G F

      G F

      Another wave of homies gone

    3. thomaslorddd
  2. still waiting for u to grow the balls to come vc
  3. nah but ay, how hard did u suck his cock to let u host this shite event?
  4. didnt plan to, already knew u retards had to make it a time we cant play since u and ur shit gang cant compete
  5. 😠 cheaters 😠 

    1. G F

      G F

      It’s this @Xirie guy 

    2. Elements


      making the dahmers look too good plz turn the down a notch sir

  6. -sam

    o7 gents

    I beg u edit this post my pc is good now nigga
  7. s3 would be nice

  8. hotfix the bug where u can get killed at the start of s3 and run this shit daily its meth

  9. Give panda head admin right now u apes

  10. get this noah kid back in staff so support cases actually get done

    1. Millennium


      support cases? or player reports/ban appeals?

    2. Silton


      @Millennium under the SUPPORT tab?

    3. Millennium


      I mean TS support cases, or support tab lmao. and ok

  11. 0c2.jpg

    arma 3 detective after succesfully taking down somali software solutions

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