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  1. what kind of BS is this thread what?
  2. fallout 3/New Vegas , subnautica, the witcher 3, Jurassic world evolution or any of the mass effect games
  3. I haven't had decorations up in 3 years.
  4. im with talktalk and no problem
  5. After being a dep 9 times due to being removed for inactivity this is the most beautiful thing i have ever heard
  6. might as well im in quarantine cuz of this fucking corona for a week what can i loose
  7. you all are talking about the reality of communism but not the idea of it like i said. as i said in the original post is that i know communism would never work im not a communist and ive never voted for the communist party. what im saying is the IDEA of communism as in what it is meant to be not what it is is a good idea
  8. think about it the idea of communism is a great thing, the world would be in such a better place if it worked. there would be no homeless, no poor. everyone would have the same rights get the same pay, people would have the same health care and the same of education but i know communism would never work in reality as humanity is too greedy to share and people will always find a way to exploit as we have seen in the past with the likes of China and Russia.
  9. who knows bro i been driving for 7 years and still cant parallel park lol
  10. good update but hate the transferable war points system. people work hard for those and now people that are shit at the game can get war points from friends it takes away the self accomplishment
  11. there is a guy in my gang who got banned on asylum because he was in a gang with a scripter and the scripter gave him a gun without him knowing it was scripted in. he got banned on asylum for associating with a hacker then a couple days later got banned off Olympus he appealed the case and the staff looked into it and got him unbanned on Olympus as he was not the one scripting and was just a victim on asylum. at the end of the day anyone who hacks or scripts we do not want to have in the community. but if they are innocent the staff will look into it and unban if they feel that the ban is not needed. that's where our staff is better than asylums
  12. I want a server with no vigis...
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