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  1. 10K each. Meet me at Kavala HQ.
  2. Wtf is this shit b7dc9c6c0f186f855f0cfab6dd94b889.png

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    2. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      They reset every month don't they?



      @3 Rip they don't reset every month. I've had the game a while and my stats haven't restarted until now I guess.

    4. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      The stats reset every so often i forgot the exact time then if its not a month

  3. I like to think of it this way... we all have reputations on olympus. If someone takes comp and then still reports you, that person just put a stain on their reputation. Not only will they be less likely to ever receive comp in the future (as all other players will be wary), that person may also be more likely to get revenge reported on. Remember, what goes around comes around. If you want to take comp and submit on someone, don't be surprised if that ends up happening to you in the future.
  4. Why the hell would you have done that?
  5. Guess I should do the same since he did it for me...


  6. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and congratulations yesterday! Guess the OS present to me was to make me mod :) 

    Hope I can live up to the expectations...

    1. DeadPool1337


      Just do events and you will

  7. Not even. There have been plenty of times where I connected to a server, saw something like "Download our easy to use all in one installer..." and I just "Nope" out of it, never to look at it again
  8. Is it possible to have mods on a server that add functionality, but people would still be able to join without the mods? So if people want the additional features, they need to go and download them, but otherwise they still have all the regular altis life stuff?
  9. Goodbye Fuzy, I was never sure of how to properly pronounce your name... O7
  10. See my earlier post. The hard R makes no difference. If you say any variation of "nig" in a true urban area, you're going to get some shit, if not your ass beat. You won't have a chance to explain yourself, and you certainly won't win any resulting argument. Best recommendation, if you didn't earn the right to say it, avoid using it. Otherwise, its going to end up becoming a part of your common vocabulary and you'll end up using it in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've seen it happen, it ain't pretty. Just some good advice for RL.
  11. Its not just black people. Its pretty much anyone that grew up in the hood. Growing up in the hood changes you and unites a group of people. Those people earn the right to say "nigga" without reprisal. 99% of the people on Olympus didn't grow up "in the hood", and judging by your reasoning, neither did you. I'm from Chicago and teach in a low income, semi-"ghetto" school. I don't use the word, but I don't give my students shit for using it. They earned it through their hardships.
  12. Ok, I'm still confused with a part or 2, but I'll just ask you in TS. Regardless of how I feel about aspects of this update, I appreciate you guys actively working on it.
  13. Wait a sec. I must have misunderstood how the script was made to begin with. I thought the script still required a 3 to 1 ratio on tazed cops as well. 3 Civs can down and restrain , even hypothetically, 10 cops as long as at any given moment there is only 1 cop that is untazed?
  14. Could have been broken down into 2 updates. I meant it more for the fed then for the BW. Shouldn't the civs be guarding the bomb if they don't want someone to waltz right in, barricade the door and defuse the bomb? Its not an instant door fix, it takes time. Its not something that someone can do while being actively shot at. I agree with the BW, I don't agree with the Fed change. I never said you shouldn't be able to pull out a downed cop. I said I understood it, and I agree with it. No, we weren't. Why was it put in the first place? 5 cops would be all restrained by 3 civs because of the one-sided engagement rules. There were several forum posts, polls, and requests for this to get fixed before the damage reduction was put in place. Ask @G.O.A.T.
  15. Huge APD nerf. I would have said do this step by step, not several things at once... Why was ninja-defusing an issue? It took time to close the door, and then more time to defuse. It was always a gamble in that you could go straight for the defuse and spend less time inside, or fix the door, which took time and then defuse the bomb... The ability to pull tazed cops out TOGETHER with the removal of tazer reduction to cops will just revert us back to the previous state. I understand the ability to pull cops out, but the removal of tazer damage reduction is a little much. +1 to the removal of tall tower at the BW though, anyone half decent at quick peeking was near impossible to get out of there...
  16. Or Peter Long.
  17. I can guarantee that it wasn't me. I haven't been in a prowler in a few weeks, and I haven't logged on as a civ in probably a couple months.
    1. Orgondo


      That is the most godly thing i've ever seen


    2. TheCmdrRex


      @Orgondo You should've heard the squeal that came from Lucki when he hit the shot. 


      Legend has it that @Plumber's ears are still in recovery to this day...

    3. Plumber


      Yeah why do you think I have to type in TS for now on. Can't get surgery to fix my eardrum till Friday.

  18. Looks cool, have any samples made already? What colors do you have?
  19. Yeah, your technique was getting a pizza delivered to a Sr's job.
  20. Can they be picked up after being placed?
  21. Let me re-emphasize one part of my post that you may have missed: Stuttering when zooming in, at least for my computer is a massive frame drop. My frames have improved in that the worst my frames have been in Kavala are 30FPS, when in the past it would go down to 18.
  22. >It didn't work for me so it obviously doesn't work for the thousands of other people that play ARMA. I played for nearly 3 hours straight last night without crashing. Ever since June, my game has been crashing after 30-45 minutes of playing with either an out of memory error or a 'unable to init' error. I no longer have stuttering when zooming in. The biggest effect I noticed was that when I have task manager open, I actually see Arma using 7GB of RAM instead of 3GB. Just because it didn't do anything in your situation, doesn't mean that its bs