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  1. Terrible grammar but good sentiment. Yeah, video games suck life out of you. I was able to play with some of my RL friends, so it kept it somewhat social. I recommend you find some extra-curricular activity at your school. I worked backstage at my theater a lot which was pretty sweet. You get to do all sorts of dangerous jobs, while chilling with like-minded not super social people. You also get the added benefit of laughing at all the over-dramatic actors. That was a nice regulator for my time. Looking back, I really enjoyed my time in high school, and miss those days. You will not have such a good combination of free-will along with the ability to be care-free again. Use it wisely. College is fun, but if you mess up in college, you're wasting tuition money. Most high schools are free and have all sorts of free resources.
  2. I just want to take a moment and make sure that people realize that "Lucky" and myself are not the same person... I keep hearing my name in TS and realizing that its not me people are talking about.

    1. Col3


      hahahaahaha you are one ugly guy!!! get some braces you old shit!

    2. Jwilly


      so ur the retard who is saying that olympus is getting shut down and cyber bullying is a federal crime? lol ur such a retard

    3. MrBoonie


      :KappaHD: go contact the FBI, cry baby :Kappa:

  3. Oh no, someone called you out on the internet so you have to go up in arms to defend your e-peen. Let me get out of your way.
  4. Lets calm down a bit boys.
  5. Officers have been receiving disciplinary action - usually in the form of a demotion or removal - for the better part of the life of Olympus whenever they quoted any rules. This has not been formally stated in an easily accessible place, which has often resulted in people being surprised by a removal. With this, we are also going forward with the policy of allowing some rule quoting, as long as it does not break RP, and is constructive in nature. Until this point, people have been afraid of saying anything when being wronged, and have only had the option of filing a report against the officer. This is not as effective as it does not offer the rule-breaking officer an opportunity to learn from and correct the situation in the field, but rather often results in a punishment after the fact. It is our hope that officers will use this for the general betterment of APD, and to improve the gameplay for all parties involved. If you are being at all toxic, or quoting incorrect / non-existent rules, then you are subject to disciplinary repercussions. Basically, if you're quoting rules, but everyone leaves happy, you should be fine. Chapter I - Professional Standards Conduct Officers are allowed to conduct themselves casually with civilians, so long as they do not go out of their way to excessively insult a civilian or go outside the boundaries set forth by the server rules. Officers are expected to treat all players with respect. This is a two way street. Officers are expected to obey the directions of higher ranking officers. Street language is not frowned upon in the APD, you may RP freely as so long as you don't cross the lines of harassment, racism, and other extreme vulgarities. Officers that do not intervene when other officers are breaking rules are subject to discipline, depending on severity and on a situational basis. Role Playing Officers are expected to role play in every scenario they encounter. Officers are expected to maintain their character in every scenario they encounter. Rule quoting while on duty as a cop or off duty may be met with disciplinary actions. If a situation arises where you feel that you were wronged, you may try informing the person in a constructive manner. If a report is submitted, it will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  6. Did you miss the part that I bolded and underlined?
  7. I'd avoid the leaving them restrained part...
  8. @Jesse @Ares Lets just make pilot helmets part of the uniform that mods spawn in with.
  9. Finally got a chance to install my RMA'd SSD. Boot up times have gone back down from 5 minutes to about 10 seconds. Not to mention Windows actually working at a decent pace now. :) 

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    2. TheCmdrRex


      2 hours ago, DINGUSDEAN said:

      Nice. You'll love the frames you get.

      He had an SSD before. It has just been weeks since he has really been able to play since his other HDD is too slow. 

    4. Panera


      First thing he does on Cop is counter fed :FeelsBad:

  10. Wheres my @. Fuck you. O7
  11. I'm guilty for wanting to know why you randomly got swatted for supposedly having that, even though you allegedly didn't?
  12. My deepest sympathies Gidgit. Hope life picks up for you. If you ever need to talk, just hop in TS and reach out.
  13. People bitch that we check red zones. People bitch that we sit in cities where people spawn. People bitch that we camp gang sheds. What's next? Bitching that cops can send you to jail without physically driving you there?
  14. Well, my SSD has seemed to have gone belly up. Going to still try a couple things tomorrow, but if that doesn't work out, might be a bit before I can actually play. I'm a little strapped for cash atm so I'm not entirely set on buying a new drive for another week or 2.

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    2. Sociopathic


      So, what your saying is that the $50 will have more sway now eh?

    3. Jesse


      I could use an APD promotion....

    4. Silton


      I could use a get out of an free card or unblacklist

  15. We should probably remove @Plumber's mod powers for the night...
  16. I hope you have an extra virgin day today... with plenty of dicks.

    1. Plumber


      If the virginity part was true than plenty of dicks wouldn't matter. Can't say the same on your end you dude banger.

  17. That fatty shotgun. Based off this video, we might have to open up a lag switch investigation against @CmStorm...
  18. Did you ever stop for a second to think that instead of it being 2 desyncing players, that it was only one... and that it wasn't the cops, but instead you that was desyncing? Couple of things that reinforce that. That particular cop doesn't have any admin powers, and isn't able to teleport. The SUV goes into the pole, and bounces back into proper place once you finally "re-sync" Your buddy's hex begins to spaz out briefly at the same time.
  19. Soda pop
  20. Here comes @Jesse taking all the fun away...
  21. Well, someones going to ask... how/why did that happen?
  22. 10K each. Meet me at Kavala HQ.
  23. Wtf is this shit b7dc9c6c0f186f855f0cfab6dd94b889.png

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    2. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      They reset every month don't they?



      @3 Rip they don't reset every month. I've had the game a while and my stats haven't restarted until now I guess.

    4. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      The stats reset every so often i forgot the exact time then if its not a month

  24. I like to think of it this way... we all have reputations on olympus. If someone takes comp and then still reports you, that person just put a stain on their reputation. Not only will they be less likely to ever receive comp in the future (as all other players will be wary), that person may also be more likely to get revenge reported on. Remember, what goes around comes around. If you want to take comp and submit on someone, don't be surprised if that ends up happening to you in the future.
  25. Why the hell would you have done that?

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