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  1. Poopy


    DAm CUh Peace out homie
  2. Bounda over honkadonks for shure
  3. Why is scamming still allowed on the server. Wats the point of it? Its just bad for the community 

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    2. Farrell


      wanna buy some wps ?


    3. destruct


      Moderators/Admins had been told to stop mediating pretty much, they really started mediating stuff because at one point there was a limit on betting and to facilitate higher bets than the limit we allowed mediating those, somewhere along the line that got pushed to new lengths and staff started mediating everything, which is no bueno. It's altis life, make sure you trust your guy or be ready to potentially get fucked, OR prepare for yourself getting fucked and have your gang on standby or something, just don't blindly trust people.

    4. GoonThe14Yearold


      you can get scammed irl?? but fuck purepk fasho 

  4. WTF did i jusr read... Is this spelling classes ?
  5. Poopy

    WTB mar-10

    hit me up
  6. @Jessy sell me youre armed huron and buy a ghawk
  7. Poopy


    500k for rpg rockets ?? and price for 6.5 ??
  8. Happy birthday buddy! Have a good one

  9. you said gear will be spawned in wat do you mean by that @rapidaax
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198203772432/

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