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  1. @Fraali I don't think I'll ever be able to play with you again, your just gonna troll me too hard with your cool powers now 😔 

    Congratz thou!

    1. Fraali


      The only reason you wouldn't be able to play with me is because you've been gone for so damn long 😞

    2. Venomm


      miss u pj you qt

  2. Who? Fucking? Asked?
  3. PJ.

    Ddosing Trash

    Just the thought of fresh air to some of these people chills them to the bone. Guys can't go 24 hours without fighting cartels....
  4. Can we have a conversation about RIP first...
  5. To be fair, I was just a shitter who sat in Kav without a gun for 4 years. I dont think that helped my case either lol.
  6. Wow Sohobese must be shit, lets take a look and see how EN's KD is doing oh......
  7. @Dr Bambino Who are you again?

    1. Dr Bambino

      Dr Bambino

      I dont even know anymore man. 

  8. Honestly I don't know where to begin. I've been playing on this server on and off for nearly 5+ years. I've been through and seen alot throughout my journey. The first couple years I played nothing but Civ, just sitting in Kavala dicking around and RPing. I remember one experience from 2015, a cop came in Kavala as we were smoking weed. He responds "You guys are cool, lemme have some" then proceeds to light up some aswell. The other Civ noticed and said "Officer, that's illegal and I place you under citizens arrests" and promptly guns down the officer. After that I knew this game would surely be a blast. In 2018 I got medic for the first time, I had much fun playing it mainly because of all the amazing people I met along the journey. Since then I've worked my way through the ranks and enjoyed a pretty comfy spot in Sr R&R. I've not lost interest in the game or the server but all good journeys must come to an end. I'll be gone for the next 6 months and I may or may not come back after that, time will tell. I hope the server and everyone on it continues to prosper. I'm going off the top of my head so sorry if I forget anyone below. @Slumberjack Been an amazing Director and awesome friend, honestly don't know what the faction would do without you. I hope to see you around if I come back #DrSquatch @Lime Best bean on the server no cap. I'm gonna miss you brother. Try not to smash your controller next time you play CoD. @David Miller Still salty you got Sup before me. I had no clue who tf you were when and after you got it. But it all seriousness after I got Sup and got to know you I realized you were one of the coolest and chilliest members there is, next Director right here. @Mike Lit Took you long enough to get Cord but here you are. I still miss the days we played together all the time when we were little Adv medics. Gonna miss you. PS, if you looking to scam someone this is your guy right here, easy candidate. @Rexo Feels bad to see you go bye bye best of luck my guy. #FreeRexo @Cooper:P Surprised I outlived you lol good luck on that Sgt grind babe @gibgab Cheats in monopoly @SPBojo Simps in monopoly @Bunny you bro, hope you don't burn out like the others @Overlord @Childish Miss you bud, honestly wish you could've stuck around and I can only thank for believing in me @Richard I know everyone gives you shit but I do miss you and your hardass personality. An OG boomer, miss you too @Kyle Lake @Fusionz Sorry I could stick around longer than you wanted me too lol. Sad to see you go bud. Hope to see you around @Ryan Hope the server doesn't go to shit, it's been through some tough stuff but it pulls out in the end, hope it prospers. Also I'm glad to be your honorary tank gunner any other time @Fraali Gonna miss our shitter moments on medic together, try not to kill any more medics WHILE playing medic @ThatNerdyGuy I've disagreed with some of your proposals but an all around honest and good man. @SecTranLive Only played with you a couple times but I can tell your a good guy @1thedoc #1 Brit on the server. Gonna miss your EU ass one of the most. Had some amazing times with you in Civ & Cop @Mr GOAT APD has been through some shit the past year or so, seems like you've done a pretty good job so far. Made some good changes, keep it up bro. @Hylos Chill with the RPGs lol. The people of Kavala are gonna really suffer now without there epi-pens . An OG staff member, hope to see you down the road bro. @GluxDesigns @Shades Does God's work, idk what the server would do without them. @Dr Bambino Love you bro, you may be retired but you linger around like you're not lol @SimplyNate Gonna miss you while I'm gone, keep up on your aspirations for Sup Will @ anyone else that comes to mind later. Still gonna stick around for the next week or two but after that I'm gone. Good luck to whoever the new Sups may be and those who follow. o7 EVERYONE!
  9. @Birb Hope your first year of Middle School treats you well. Good luck!

    1. Birb


      thank you leaving first grade is very scary

  10. o7 @Rexo #Innocentonallcharges

  11. @Cooper:P Yea gingers dont have souls so you're definitely gonna burn in hell. gonna miss you 😣

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