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  1. I really hate my ISP right now 

  2. I really don't know what ya'll are arguing about but it's spelled career, that spelling hurts my brain
  3. o7 @Cooper:P, enjoy the retired life 😔

  4. Legend has it that these puppies make your dick bigger
  5. 12. Medics detained or arrested by the APD for failing to comply with orders or instructions may be subject to disciplinary action. Medics gonna be coming after you too sir
  6. They actually handed me some clean coveralls... The smell was becoming unbearable. Good luck to whoever inherits them 😬

  7. Congrats @gibgab! Very well deserved!

    1. gibgab


      you too my guy!!

  8. It was very implied by the way you were writing. Please learn how to capitalize
  9. Stop fishing for pity you 110% deserved that blacklist. Submit an IA report if you really feel like you are being wronged instead of doing something rash and stupid.
  10. Fine, if you won't give us go-karts at least let us have our P07's back
  11. Deal, two go-karts please
  12. How much for the suppressor?
  13. How about instead of nerfing the APD buff the R&R and let us go guns hot in our GHawks whenever we see a poor civilian being chased? Because that wouldn't be cancerous at all!
  14. I would like to thank @Agent Ryker for being the generous first benefactor to the covertwantsmoremoney fund with a 1.5 mil donation! Our charitable cause is off to a good start!

    1. Agent Ryker

      Agent Ryker

      Yah, your my sugar baby now

    2. Lime


      Xi'an claims oughta be comin' in soon 😅

    3. Overlord


      @Lime who needs to do feds when they can just insure your Xi'ans? Not me!


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